Reasons to stop smoking

By: Michael Russell

Smoking can have deadly impact on the smoker and so it is necessary to stop smoking as soon as possible. Smokers are vulnerable to about 600 kinds of cancers including lung cancer and so, it is necessary to stop smoking as soon as possible. Yoga can help the smokers to avoid lung cancer. Deep breathing technique included in yoga is one of the top most means to stop smoking. Smokers are advised to take deep breaths thrice whenever they feel like smoking. Deep breathing can do wonders in eliminating the cravings of a cigarette. Smokers should take a deep breath which makes the oxygen to reach deep inside the lungs and then the smokers should exhale the air in a slow manner. Smokers should close their eyes while exhaling and should let their chin to bend over on to their chest.

Smoking can cause wrinkles on the face of smokers and deep breathing can help prevent wrinkles by eliminating the cravings for a cigarette. People think that smoking can relieve tension from the mind and that is why deep breathing is preferred to stop smoking because it can make the smoker feel relaxed and relieved. Smoking can lead to bad breath and so one should opt for other alternatives over smoking. Smokers can chew cinnamon sticks or chewing gums whenever they crave for smoking. Healthy and disciplined food habits are essential for those who are trying to stop smoking. For those who are used to smoking after having a dinner can have peppermint candy or a cup of mint tea so as to eliminate craving of cigarette.

Smoking can lead to yellow teeth which look bad when a person is talking or smiling. One can enjoy prolonged life by stopping smoking. The topmost reason for stopping smoking is that it can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma to those who live with smokers especially children. A popular way to stop smoking is to avoid sugar, coffee and alcohol as all these things can rouse cravings for cigarette. Smokers must avoid any kind of fatty food because the chances of weight gain are larger for smokers who have stopped smoking. Opting for oral substitutes such as artificial cigarettes is also best means to stop smoking.

Smokers must drink lots of water so as to flush out harmful toxins such as nicotine from the body. Chain smokers usually get nicotine fits and by flushing off the nicotine from the body, smokers can start a new healthy life. Nicotine in the body can severely harm the unborn child of pregnant ladies and so they should stop smoking as early as possible. Nicotine can lead to infant death syndrome by which the foetus can die before birth. Smokers can enjoy improved metabolism and digestive functioning by the stopping smoking. One can also make the environment pollution free by stopping smoking.

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The author of the article is Michael Russell who knows effective ways to stop smoking. He is an expert guiding all those people who wish to quit smoking. His tips and techniques have befitted a lot of chain smokers to quit smoking.

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