Reasons to buy mithai online from leading stores in India

By: Priyankee Saikia

Indian sweets, popularly known as Mithai are very popular not only in India but also crossing the boundaries of the nation. The best part of Indian Misthi is that you will find several varieties of it with different taste and ingredients. Each state of the country is having a different set of sweets which carry the identity of the particular state. The popularity of the desserts of India is so high that overseas people also love to enjoy it. They look for the options along with Indians to buy mithai online. So of the leading online stores offer this facility to allow all to take a bite of it.

A question may come to your mind as to why people in India will feel to place orders online. We have some valid reasons for the same which we are sure that you will agree.

Facility of Same day delivery: It may be the case that you are not in India. You want to make your family feel special by sending their favorite sweets. Hardly matters in which part of the world you are, you just need to place the order online and get them delivered on the same day. Online companies take the responsibility to provide the box to your desired and selected date only.

Supply Fresh made Sweets: Imagine a situation that you are hosting a party and want to serve fresh sweets to guests. You donít have the time to bring the sweets in the venue as there are other things to check. Just place your order online, and top-notch quality sweets will get delivered in required quantity on decided date. You will get mouth-watering sweets, straight from the kitchen of the makers.

Placing Bulk order at a budgeted price: India is known as the nation of colorful festivals. We love distributing sweets and gifts on various occasions among relatives and friends. We look for quality sweets and in bulk admittedly with a right amount of discount. Retail stores find it hard to offer you significant discounts. But online stores make it possible for you as they do business in bulk.

Favorite Indian Sweets which you can buy online:

There are so many varieties available as sweets of India. We will take the name of few of them for your idea.

Til Patti: This is a wonderful sweet which is amazingly tasty. Use of sesame seeds (til) and jaggery is made to make this sweet delicacy. Each bite of it will give you a crunchy and easy to chew feel. It offers you energy and power to fight many ailments.

Soan Papri: You will find hardly any who donít love the taste of soan papdi. This is one such item which can be served on many occasions all through the year. It is a sugary, flour-based delicacy which is garnished with dried fruits to taste better. Added flavors are also used to offer different tastes to the sweet lovers.

Rasgulla: This is a traditional and authentic sweet of Bengal know for its mouthwatering taste. It, not just the Bengalis who love it, but people across India are fond of it. It is soft cheese bowl which got is unique shape and flavor by Nobin Chandra Das during the 19th century period. Use of pure chenna taken out of fresh milk is used in its making and then cooked using light syrup of only sugar or sugar with jaggery. You can buy mithai online in the sealed pack with a good amount of shelf lives.

Mohan Thal: This dish is having its origin from Gujrat and is considered as one of the favorite sweet of Lord Krishna. It is a special type of barfi which is made using besan, ghee, sugar, milk and some special aromatic spices. Many use saffron in it to give a vibrant color to it.

The above are some of the most popular sweets which are sold online. There are many other options to choose from.

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