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Increasing product or service sale is one of the primary aims of every company. However, there is no perfect formula or sure -shot process to achieve this. In these situations, companies hire a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant works in co-ordination with various staffs of the company for formulating marketing strategies that will help the company by increasing sales, earning profit, expanding market and customer base etc. The marketing strategy concerns it self with the core area of business. A marketing consultant will help to create a long-term plan for marketing. The consultant guides the company as it applies the devised strategy. Often depending on the situation, some strategic changes need to be made which is impossible without the presence of the consultant.

A good marketing consultant has the ability to sending out the right message in the correct way, to the market or customers. He must also do it in a manner that is cost effective, does not require too much time and convincing. Different factors come together to make a good marketing consultant. One or two individual attribute is not enough. The first thing a good marketing consultant does is to study carefully the product or service of the client company. He will try to know all that there is to know. He will know details of the product manufacturing, the current sales figures, market share, nature of existing customer base, potential customers etc. After getting the widest possible and most detailed picture about it, the consultant will then start his work. The reason behind this extensive exercise is that marketing is about selling the benefits of a product or services to customers. In order to have effective marketing a product or service, you have to convince a customer about the benefits that he will receive from using the product. The campaign should be planned in such a way that it quickly catches attention. Simply stating the features provided by the product or service is not enough.

The consultant will decide what mediums of advertising should be used which is most likely to be successful and will be exposed to the maximum number of potential customers. They will also find ways that will make people take notice of the ad amidst thousands.

Marketing consultants should have some understanding of the human psychology. Often while selling a product you have to evoke emotions in your potential consumers. They should know what would stir the people into buying a product. Sometimes people but things in planned way and sometimes they buy out of impulse. Marketing is about raising that impulse. Good psychological ability often brings success to a marketer. There are some techniques related with this practice. However, most of these techniques are instinctive. They cannot be learned entirely. It mostly depends upon the individual, rather than something, which is acquired.

A good Strong Marketing Consultant works as a link between a company and its consumers.The more strong the link,the more the company will benefit.Consultants work both individually or through a firm.A client should go through the background and experience of the consultant before hiring.

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