Reasons behind an unsuccessful medical career

By: navjeet kaur

If a person studies one discipline, like medical science, and fails to make a good career in the same, then it is a matter of great distress for him. There is not even a speck of doubt that it is shocking and the person needs sympathy. But at the same time, some thinking needs to be done as to why a career as a medical practitioner could not work for him.

The above written statements also stand true for those doctors who are unable to be successful in medical practice that could help to achieve profitability potential possible for them. It is evident that unless and until you are prepared for doing what and all needs to be done, so as to reach the top most level, you are likely to fail to some degree.

Inability is realized due to the lack of training and education that is required so as to rise above the others. The institution that qualified you as a doctor might have effectively programmed you to fail. Now you need to do some introspection about how and why all this happened. A reason can be that you have not been trained to start a practice on your own and run it successfully. In other words, we can say that no business training has been provided to you.

A challenging question is that whether it is possible to run a medical practice business when the doctor who owns it is not a perfect fit and needs some expert advice to manage his career. If a doctor is not capable enough then he cannot be of much help to the patient so it will be useless for the patient to visit such an inexpert doctor. Solution to all such problems is that the doctors should undergo medical courses, so as to remain acquainted with the latest trends that are used in the field of medical science.

It is true that to become a doctor, a person has to go through strict study routine, which includes attending various classes and listening to long lectures, even if he was not at all interested. All this shows the dedication and hard work that he put in for attaining that degree. But once he gets the degree, he thinks that he does not need to put in efforts anymore. Consequently, he starts lagging behind and in the long run forgets some of lessons that he had learnt while studying.

Instead of this, if he would have attended refresher courses and worked in the best possible way so as to cure his patients, he would have attained success. So it should be always remembered that there is no substitute for hard work.

Preparing a summary of the above statements we can say that failure in any field is not a result of somebody’s fortune, but it also involves loopholes that might exist in basic training and hard work done in that particular field. So hard work is the key element that leads to success; only thing that needs to be taken care of is that the efforts should be made in the right direction.

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