Reasons Why We Need Supplements

By: Peter Roseberg

People often wonder why supplements are being recommended by medical and nutritional experts. A popular myth about supplements is that they can be potential health risks and have many negative side effects when taken. When you already have a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet regimen, do you really need to take supplements?

The answer to this question is a resounding “YES” and the reasons why can be summed up in two words: vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency is more than not having all the necessary vitamins and nutrients in your system. It is also associated with many chronic diseases, cancers and disorders like osteoporosis and is especially dangerous for those with malabsorption or the inability to absorb necessary nutrients, alcoholics and elderly people. Even those who live a vegan lifestyle and are supposed to have made eating healthy a necessity, are at risk for vitamin deficiency since they don’t eat meat and fish which are good sources of proteins.

Also, when we cook food, sometimes we leave them for too long and overcook them. Overcooking food makes them all the vitamins and nutrients they contain, and unless you like to eat raw vegetables and fruits, that is the only way you’ll ever get to absorb the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need which is why taking supplements is necessary so that you don’t lack for anything. If you have a case of poor digestion or are allergic to most food groups like lactose or gluten, it makes you more susceptible to health risks so you need the aid of supplements to make sure you stay healthy despite these. With alarming facts like these, it has been deemed prudent by most people to start taking nutritional supplements before they compromise their health further. You can read up on more about nutritional supplements here and how you can find the best one according to your dietary needs.

If non-athletic people are at risk, imagine what it must be like for endurance and strength athletes like body builders, who expose themselves to a variety of diseases and disorders with all the intense training, workout and diets that they do. More than anyone else, they work their bodies hard to the point of exhaustion sometimes but because of their lifestyle, they are not able to eat well or eat all the food that is necessary to keep them healthy so they rely more on supplements to help them make up for what they lack nutrition-wise. When you check out sites like Nutritionwarehouse, you will find a wide array of supplements bodybuilders take to help them with their training goals.

Whether bodybuilders want to gain muscle mass or lose weight, they have supplements that can help them achieve whatever fitness goal they set for themselves. They particularly go for those with whey protein, branch chain amino acids, L-glutamine, creatine, Omega-3 fish oil and mineral multivitamin supplements to help them maximize their workouts and get optimum results. Because they need so much, they often purchase what they need online from and find what they need because it is one site that understands a body builder’s special needs and aims to provide them exactly that. Check Nutritionwarehouse here and find out why they are one of the most popular sites for your bodybuilding supplement needs.

One of the dangers of not taking the best bodybuilding supplements is that your body enters a catabolic state which is caused by overtraining but lacking the proper nutrition to complement it. It results into extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pains and in some cases, sleeplessness. Taking in a protein supplement or protein drinks or shakes ensures you don’t go into the catabolic state especially when you take it before and after working out. While not necessary, supplements can help bodybuilders become as big and strong as they can possibly be so they need to take them for their efforts not to go to waste. Find out about bodybuilding supplements Adelaide to achieve your goals in no time.

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