Reasons To Choose A Three Speed Bike

By: Lincoln Davis

Many cyclists today come from all walks of like. They are not the athletic type, but the regular Janes and Joes who are always either running errands or going places when they need to. These are also the people who started out using simple bikes to go from one point to another, but may need to upgrade due to the changing needs and locations they frequently travel.

If you do not only ride on flat roads and city streets, the best bike to transition to is the 3 speed bicycle. This bike is certainly made for various terrains without the meticulous and complex gear shifts. Sloping areas can easily be handled and ridden with a bike that has shifting gears and internal hubs. So, a three speed bike is also considered among the internal hub bicycles of the modern time. But the early peoples who used to ride buggies and horse carriages have already enjoyed their three speed bikes as these are more convenient on the road especially in narrow alleyways and high-trafficked areas.

Although transitioning from a fixie bike, for instance, can be a difficult task for some cyclist, others who are more adventurous and love the challenge may find it quite exciting. Similar and closer to a mountain bike, 3 speed bikes with internal gear hubs posses the good qualities that many riders are looking for. City bikers may find this more usable because of the gear shifts and speed it offers; while others may find it quite versatile if they also love to coast, ride sloping terrain, and beat the city traffic by taking shortcuts.

Internal hub bicycles are generally pricier than the regular bike without gears. It is often considered complicated especially when it comes to maintenance and repair. However, this is not the bike for everyone especially those who do not have basic knowledge in repairing bikes. Those with internal gears require far more than just quick fixes, so taking them to a repairman is the next best thing to do.

But these days, many manufacturers involve engineering work that simplifies the clean-up and fixes for internal gear hub bikes. What they usually require are regular care and cleaning. And since hub gears are enclosed and sealed, they are safe from splatters of water, mud, and other factors that can cause problems in the long run.

The gears of a 3 speed are not as complex since there are no overlapping gear ratios. Such gears also run on a single shift, making it easier for the cyclist to change gear and get better ranges with smoother and quicker speed transitions. These features make a 3 speed bike more flexible and usable in varied locations and it is worth the price to invest in one.

The savvy internal hub is a great added feature especially nowadays when roads seem smaller and narrower due to heavy traffic. So whether you use a bike for leisure or for important errands, the most important things to remember are your safety and comfort. A high-quality, high-performance bike need not be that complicated to operate and ride on. A three speed bike is perfect for a city dweller who has the guts for mountain biking adventure.

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