Reamers, For Accurate and Cleaner Drilled Holes

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Reamers are a very commonly used household and professional tool used to drill accurate holes when and wherever needed. You could use it to drill perfect round holes depending on your need and requirement in ply boards, thick brick walls or any other material you need to drill a hole in. The process of drilling this hole is called reaming. The machine that is commonly used across all sorts of households, shops and professionals for the purpose is called a drilling machine. The drilling machine is well constructed with varying variety of drilling tips to suffice for the needs of the length of the hole.

There are different kinds of reamers available in the market to suit your needs. Some of the common types are:

• Adjustable hand reamer: for small range of sizes of holes that you might need at home

• Straight reamer: to enlarge an already existing hole

• Hand reamer: to help make drilling the hole easier

• Machine reamer

• Rose reamer

• Shell Reamer

• Tapered Reamer

• Morse taper Reamer

• Combination reamer

• Tapered non precision reamer

There are two kinds of reamers available for use: hand reamers and Machine Reamers. Beginners should start with using the machine reamers though the word hand reamers might be misleading in this regard. Machine reamers have a short lead and they drill immediately with full diameter. Hand reamers on the other side will not start drilling a complete diameter until about 10-15% of the reamer has entered the hole. The effort needed to drill the hole also varies depending on size and length of the hole you intend to drill.

It is impertinent and necessary to use cutting oil when you are drilling holes with reamers. Reaming should be done at spindle speed, lesser speed than one used for drilling. But you should push it faster into the hole being made to avoid any kind of ridges from forming around the hole and making it look untidy. Sometimes the small ridges can cause an injury to finger tips by entering the tender skin. Make sure you do a neat job to save yourself and others the injury.

As a homemaker, you could do this little job of making holes yourself. These are simple tools, easy to handle, obviously with care and work with greater accuracy around the house to put up your little things on the wall.

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