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By: Leif Acevedo

You like meeting new people, have good public relation qualities, want to work anywhere in Australia and earn good money. If all this describes you, than a job in hospitality industry is best for you. Now, before you get hired or even before you start looking for a job it is essential that you have Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

To find job in a hospitality industry in Australia, it is mandatory to conform yourself with relevant Australian laws and have necessary knowledge and skills. For this you need to complete specific courses. You need to have RSA license Melbourne, if you want to work in a position that requires service of alcohol. This nationally accredited course covers laws effective in each individual state in Australia. Once you have completed the course you will be given a RSA certificate, which you can show to your prospective employer. RSA license is most suitable for waiters, bar staff, bottle shop attendants, and to people who work in premises that are licensed to serve alcohol.

Why you need RSA License?

In Australia, it is illegal to serve alcohol to under aged or intoxicated person. If found and proven, there are severe penalties both for the employee involved and the employer, particularly in case of injury. Therefore, all the states have made it mandatory for such employees to complete Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. Except in Victoria, you can complete this course online in most states. In Victoria you should complete this course in person. In some states you can complete the course in 3 to 4 hours and begin your search for work after that. Before you apply for job you should specifically mention that you have this certificate. It will increase your chances of approval considerably.

Before you leave home get your RSA license online

For any organization that serves alcohol or gambling. It is mandatory for people working there to have required certification. For gambling premises it is necessary that their employees have RSG online certificate, and for those serving alcohol, all employees should have RSA certification. Most people, who travel to Australia and want to work part time in hospitality, are not aware of RSA rules when they apply for job.

Once they are aware of this fact, they have to find a training center first, take the course and get the certificate. All this may consume lot of time; in the mean time you can lose a potential job opportunity. A quick way out is to do the course online. It is fast and easy way. Regardless of how slow you are in learning things, you can still complete the course in no more than one or two days.

Once you acquire RSA license it opens numerous job opportunities for you. Your dream of meeting new people, flexibility to work anywhere and earning good money will be realized within no time. This is not much to ask for to accomplish your dream. So waste no time, start working.

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