Realistic Expectations from a Mobility Challenged Chair Yoga Student

By: Shalu Prajesh

So, the joy of yoga is not restricted to the young and agile, super fit souls only! If that comes as a surprise, you would be awed to know how the right yoga moves can invigorate target body parts effectively right from the comfortable niche of a chair.

Chair yoga sequences- a series of postures put together with some brilliant modifications to common hatha yoga asanas, fit the bills perfectly for the old and infirm or, those with disability facing mobility issues. In addition to this group, chair yoga makes it ideal for desk-bound office workers looking to stretch a few muscles and keeps the fitness vibe alive during work hours.

Here is what you can look forward to achieve from chair yoga practice:

Lubrication of Connective Tissues

The ball and socket joints in the human body are vulnerable to easy wear and tear. If you are not very cautious about exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet, these weak-links will start to show signs of withering really early. With chair yoga from the comfort of a seating position, you can keep your joints lubricated in the connective tissues with some really low-impact movements. There is going to be no pain, or exhaustive working out, but you can experience complete ease in your knees, hips, and spine as you stretch and relax, keeping friction to a minimum.

Body Toning

While you cannot expect to lose the extra pounds by doing chair yoga, toning of loose muscles in arms and lower abdomen is a realistic outcome. As you stretch out, feel the tension spreading, and concentrate upon breath intensification, the laxity of muscles in certain areas of the body reduces. Followed with a carb-free dietary regime, you can actually look forward to finding yourself in a slimmer, trimmer, healthier form with daily chair yoga.

Massage of Internals

The deskbound working mass and mobility-challenged people face similar constraints when it comes to everyday movement. The area of the body that faces maximum torpor in such a situation is the belly. In addition to tiers of fat around the waist, this kind of lifestyle is also likely to cause a number of digestive problems. However, with easy and uncomplicated bend-forwards and pranayama breathing exercises done from the chair on a regular basis, these troubles can be kept at bay. Chair yoga can be counted upon to give your internal organs a thorough rub to set the digestive juices flowing and health being restored in the endocrine system.

Posture Correction

Physical posture is an important factor for retaining mental focus and positive spirit. If you are not cautious of your general posture, laxness is inevitable. With guided chair yoga, one can have their posture corrected to perfection and benefit from an upright bearing. “Hand-on” adjustment from the yoga instructor at your chair yoga sessions can really turn one’s fitness experience in a mobility-challenged situation.

Improved Breathing Capacity

Deeper breathing is associated with finding peace within, a common knowledge but systematic practice of fulfilling breath is not easy. Yoga as a fitness discipline integrates breath as its primary mode of activating and channelizing the prana or life force. As you yoga your way through discomfiture, regulation and synchrony of breath with movement become more and more important. In chair yoga too, breath plays a key role. Recuperating from stress, the discomfiture of restricted movement, and blood pressure conditions can be better handled with increased breath capacity with pranayama imbibed chair yoga practice.

Lastly, expect chair yoga to lift your spirits with a surge of endorphins, the happy hormone, showing you a way to keep bright and fit even through a mobility challenged condition.

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