Real life diet solutions for Real People

By: Lance Monty

There are some members of the human race who do not put on weight two of my brothers are examples of that. But for the majority of us it is something we do need to be increasingly aware of as we grow a little older. These are all steps that have worked very well for me.

There is however a growing number of our youth that are over weight and if you are one of them PLEASE PLEASE take action. Do not waste the best years of your life. These simple steps will work for you as well. This is not rocket science and you may have heard it all before but it is a simple matter of energy in balancing with the energy going out.

When we fill our cars we cannot put in to much the pump won,t let us. We can however put two much food into our bodies this is energy that we can not easily use up. In order to keep this easy I am dividing the process in two. DIET first then EXERCISE you need both they compliment each other.

Number one The diet. make your changes small but significant here are six ideas that I have used.

1) If you are not the cook in your house hold get who ever is on your side.Seek out a list of dietary meals that you like. There are thousands out there.

A good tip is to look at Asian foods.Such as Thai or Vietnamese most (but not all) of their meals are low in fats. If you don,t like Asian food. Chose something else. There is no need to stick to one style mix it up a little and have meals that you can look forward to. Buy yourself some good cook books as just about all modern cook books have nutritional information on their recipes.

2) All advice I ever received on dieting said don,t snack. Personally I found this very difficult. So I compromised with low energy snacks such as carrots or celery sticks sometimes with a salsa dip. If this does not work for you then have a glass of water, go for a walk or anything to distract yourself.

3) I know that ever one tells you this but it is true EAT BREAKFAST even if it is only a light one such as a banana.

It is best if you can make it a high grain cereal but do not get fooled. There are many high sugar high fat cereals out there read the box for information.

4) Drink plenty of water it not only reduces your appetite but flushes toxins and fats from your body. I have a bottle beside me as I write this.

5) Count the calories/Kilojoules as a rough guide an moderately active adult male will loose weight on less than 2000cal a day There are Calorie/kilojoules books available in any good book store.

6) Do not be to hard on yourself have a treat when you achieve a target. This will also act as a motivator.


1) Before starting any exercise program it is is advisable to consult your Doctor especially if your have not done thing physical for some time.
2) The key to exercise is to do something you enjoy and can do. Walking and swimming are ideal.
3) If you are the type join a a gym most of them have weight reduction programs.
4) Get together with friends or family there is no better motivator than someone accompanying you on a walk, run, gym or sports program.
5) Remember be consistent it is much better to work out lightly every day for 20-30mins than do an hour twice a week.
6) Be realistic push yourself but only within your limits. You are trying to loose weight not join special forces.

Finally you did not put this weight on quickly and unless your a contestant on the Biggest Looser you are not going to get it of fast. But stick at it and you will get there.

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After leaving the Military and giving up Football I started my own business. The long hours and lack of exercise started to take there toll.My weight ballooned strangely no one told me and because the changes were gradual I did not notice myself. It was not until I sat down to watch my daughters wedding video that I suddenly saw how big I had become. That was significant for me and although my Doctor gave me a clean bill of health I knew that the effects in the long term would not be good. My son helped by suggesting that we join the local gym together. Everything that I have written comes from my own experience and will work whatever your age or gender. However if you really are serious about loosing weight you should click below.

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