Real Estate Investments - How They can Help Planning Your Retirement

By: Joe Mathews

Unlike normal people real estate brokers or investors prefer to think ahead and have a plan ready for earning money long after their retirement. Most of them go for real estate investments rather than completely depending on Social Security benefits. These social security benefits are not enough and, they are liable to change a lot by the time people attain retirement age. If you are not part of an excellent retirement program, you will be required to plan your retirement wisely. In this way, you will be able to get financial security in your retirement years. You should considermaking real estate investments as they can prove to be one of the most reliable ways to plan your retirement, for several reasons.

Tax benefits promote equity growth

The tax benefits allow investors to use the option of real estate investments to promote equity growth. Through a like-kind exchange under United States tax law investors can hold their invested capital and choose cash flow over capital profits. They donít have to lose any of their equities in taxation policies. Their house rents are also protected by depreciation. In fact, real estate investments are more flexible than other retirement programs, like pensions and IRAs (individual retirement accounts) which involve income tax. They make it easy for investors to secure a loan based on their invested equity and manage their capital effectively without getting affected by the regulations of other retirement plans.

You can control your loan installments

With real estate investments, you can have full control over the payment of your mortgage debt. You can plan to pay your loan installment on a date compatible with your retirement plan, and the longer you decide to extend it, the easier it would be for you. Even with growing loan interest, you can easily calculate how much you will have to pay every month in order to repay it fully in the year you are going to retire. You wonít have to look for refinance and estimate the monthly installment required to repay your debt by the planned retirement date.

Real estate investment values exceed inflation

Excluding a few economic downturn conditions, real estate exceeds inflation in ensuring the values to investors. Real estate is valued more than the normal cost of living. The reliability of the long-standing record of real estate investments is encouraging. The continuous rise in real estate prices, when weighed against other approved investment options like the stock market, has been positive and steady. Inflation is a factor that devalues an investment portfolio, often resulting in losses in your actual spending power beyond net profit after tax. Real estate investment brings in annual tax benefits which help many investors to overcome this common problem.

Real estate investment is safe and secure

Purchasing real estate is a secured way to utilize and protect your investment. Investment risks in property market are less as compared to other long-standing investment plans. By paying large down payments, you can avoid cash flow risks. Your after-tax benefit is proportional to your tax rate. It is considered safe to invest in real estate because insurance facility is available to protect it from risk.

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Joe Mathews has been doing research on various social security benefits options. He has found real estate investments to be safer and secured than others for making a steady income after retirement.

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