Real Ales Exeter for the true taste of countryside

By: Adrian Rocker

Drinking ale is typical to British tradition for centuries. Ale is a drink brewed from malted barley and quite often brewed at home. Right from medieval ages real ales Exeter is distinct from other beer which are manufactured in industrialised breweries and is an intrinsic part of British gastronomy. You will come across pubs in every nook and corner of England. Traditional pub Exeter is basically a public house for drinking ales and beer. In villages and small towns it is the place where local communities meet almost daily. In modern and urban context, a pub is where you can enjoy your drink over some food with your friends.

Real ales Exeter is distinct from commercial beer as it is poured directly from casks and lager and not from pressured cans and bottles. Barley is first malted, that is sprouted and then dried. Yeast is added and fermentation is very fast making the drink sweet and full bodied. In order to bring bitterness and to preserve hops are added. Traditional ales did not contain hops but now it is common. In a traditional pub Exeter you can have your drink and spend quality leisure time. There is arrangement for games like skittles, darts, cards, billiards or dominoes. A pool table is a very common feature in a pub.

In keeping with changing times, video games and slot machines have been provided for entertainment of guests in a traditional pub Exeter. Music cannot be far where entertainment is needed. Live music or karaoke is provided. You have to visit any pub in the countryside to taste real ales Exeter. Pubs serve not only ales and beer but also wines and cider. Unlike a bar, pubs serve more filling meals such as steaks and pies, fish and chips, chicken roast and also lunch and dinner.

Traditional pub Exeter is generally housed in buildings which are dated many centuries back. These are situated amidst large fields where tournaments are held to bring the local community together. A thriving pub is located near major tourist attractions adding to its value. It often doubles as venue for scout or local charity meetings. Real ales Exeter can be tasted in such country ale houses which have been running for generations by a particular family. Ale was traditionally brewed by women for family consumption and the surplus was sold to supplement the family income. Ale is differentiated from lager beer as it uses yeast which gathers on top unlike lager.

If you wish to enjoy real ales Exeter you must plan a visit to a traditional pub Exeter soon. Varieties of ales like brown ale or pale ale are available along with local cuisines. The venue acts as function rooms or banquet halls. There are restaurants attached for dinner or lunch with family and friends. You get the ambience of a country pub with all the added facilities like real and cask ale being served along with traditional bar menu. Search online and book your table in advance, especially if your visit coincides with a special holiday or weekends.

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Great tasting real ales Exeter are available widely. Traditional pub Exeter is the best place to experience typical English drinks like ales.

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