Ready To Go Vegan

By: Laura Farrell

If you are ready to go vegan, let me assure you, I have never done an easier thing.
What exactly is a vegan?
A vegan abstains from the use of all animal products whenever possible. This includes, but is not limited to: leather, fur, meat, eggs, dairy, fish, casein, whey, gelatin, marshmallows, honey. Veganism is a lifestyle not a diet. However, if you only want to stop eating milk,eggs and meat, that's up to you. I had to go all out because I didn't want to support the by-products of these industries either.
Be prepared for resistance from family, friends, religious people. I am a born-again christian and am shunned from both sides, but I go before God with a clean conscience, at least on this issue. They will call you a nut, a fanatic, ridiculous. Just remember they are brain-washed, just as we were. Find support on-line. I am on facebook as LauraGenesisOneTwentyninvegan feel free to friend me.
What can I eat as a vegan? Well in my opinion, anything without dead animals in it.And it couldn't be easier!!!
Some vegans are raw food vegans and only eat fruits, veggie, nuts, beans etc
I on the other hand eat chips, cookies, cakes, salads, dips, corn chips, soda, veggie hot-dogs, pasta, fake meat like boca burgers and chicken patties,boca also makes crumbles a ground beef substitute (which is great in nachos, tacos, chili, etc,) beans, rice, veggies, fruits, bagels, bread, ghiardelli semi sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter, jelly, stir fry, nachos, chili, hummas, beans & rice, burritos, cereal, oreos, coffee, tea, saltines, wheat thins seriously this is a never ending list... Most products i used to buy were vegan anyways. Just be sure to read the ingredients.
I am having fun learning how to cook. I made the best Shepherd's pie recently. I never liked cooking before.You can substitute apple sauce, banana for eggs in recipes.
I think its Duncan Heines butter recipe cake which is vegan, i use that as well.
Like I said just read the ingredients.
Most cerials are vegan Marsh-mellows are animal parts avoid those, most pastas and breads are vegan. Also trader joes or your local health/whole food stores will carry vegan cheeses.
As for milk, there is Almond my favorite, especially the dark chocolate type, soy, coconut, hemp, hazelnut, rice milk surely one of those will be to your tastes. They are sold at the food lion by me, I am sure most supermarkets carry at least a variety or two.
Most restaurants will cater to your needs, simply ask the cook to make the dish vegan. A nice Italian restaurant near me called La Bella in Norfolk Va has an entire vegan menu. Many places like Moes Mexican restaurant also in Norfolk are realizing the ever increasing demand for vegan foods and have begun to add these on the menu.
You name it and I eat it as long and it contains no animals or animal by-products. I have lost 50 pounds since April 2011, that's with zero effort. You have never seen someone eat non-stop like I do and I am 47 years old, so you know I have no metabolism. I attribute this to eliminating dairy, since dairy is loaded with growth hormones.
Check labels for casein, whey, gel, gelatin as these are animal products.
When i doubt leave it out.
I am so sickened by what Ive seen, not only the abuse, but also the filth of these places that, I could never again even dream ofeating this disgusting garbage.

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Laura has been a vegan since April of this 2011 when exposed the conditions most farmed animals are kept in, She was so appalled, that She went vegan that day. She just couldn't use her money to fund such cruelty. Read Genesis 1:29-31 and see what God intended for us to eat Visit the Christian vegan Why I'm Vegan

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