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By: Michelle Mevs

To cut back on the calories and carbohydrates, lots of people are now switching to the artificial sweeteners in tea stick & coffee. However, are these small packets actually harmless? I looked in many known brands in order to find out a little more, however I have included some links to scientific material. There generally is the research both for & against many products. An average American also consumes around 130pounds of white sugar every year –as well as other countries aren’t far behind. The excessive sugar consumption generally results in the lowered immunity and will lead to the increased rates of the obesity, diabetes type II, atherosclerosis, heart disease, candida, osteoporosis, as well as host of some other degenerative states. The artificial Tea sweeteners are just unhealthy as the sugar, still there are a lot of healthier alternatives in form of the natural sweeteners, which you may use & enjoy.


It is the bees’ unique and special contribution to the human happiness. The 3 times sweeter than the sugar sticks, raw and pure, honey maintains the natural fighting enzymes, is the anti-fungal & anti-microbial, as well as gives a lot of nutrients absent in the processed honey. As the most famous among the natural sweeteners, it is the source of the B-vitamins, manganese and iron, and has been shown to have various antioxidants, and substances, which help your body to fight against cancer & degenerative diseases. Honey is as well very easily digested by many people & has been known to help in liver functioning, ease sore throat and dryness, as well as help to heal the stomach ulcers.


Molasses is residual product after the sugar cane is processed in cane (granulated) sugar. Thus, molasses in fact, retains all nutrients that are removed when the sugar is made; as well as darker (and less sweet), more minerals it has. Blackstrap molasses is most nutritious form, and with outstanding levels of calcium and iron (single tablespoon has more of calcium than one glass of milk!) as well as good amounts of the magnesium, B-vitamins and potassium. In case, you find taste of the molasses a little bitter, blend some other sweeteners with this. Select molasses, which is unsulphured for most pleasing taste. Darker the syrup, more the sugar is been concentrated. The tea researchers have just been interested in an effect of the tea that they use out daily for last thirty years as well as point to the 5,000 year of track record of attributes of the green tea. Also, they say that at a least, the green tea will not hurt you and it does not need kind of the sweeteners as normal tea requires. Most likely it is very beneficial to us and has many effects in our bodies. In case, sales are of any indication of the use of teas, then last year was 15th consecutive year clients in America also have bought more of tea than ever.

Disadvantages of the Tea Sticks

As tea sticks is the relatively new invention, variety of the flavors is limited. To enjoy the cup of favorite blend, you may need to shop over various brands. In a few cases, you might not find flavor that you seek. Prior to, you use the artificial sweeteners; then you must also know some of the things regarding them. Also, there are many of the reasons why you might want to use these artificial sweeteners like tea sticks. There are various kinds of the tea sticks that you may at present avail in this market. The artificial sweeteners are as well discussed among many health professionals when they are analyzing these possible health hazards that the artificial sweeteners offered. But, the artificial sweeteners are used widely by the people for various reasons and purposes. Most of time people are now tea sticks to lose weight & get best one.

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