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By: Chris Robertson

Simply put, an eBook is an electronic book. Readers can view eBooks in several formats: diskette, CD, or downloadable file. Downloading files from the Internet is by far the most common way of obtaining eBooks.

People can read their eBooks right on their personal computers or on special eBook readers. EBook readers have a few distinct advantages over computers: Users can make notes, highlight pages, and save selected text. Plus, at two pounds, lightweight eBook readers are easier to carry around than even laptop computers. Some are backlit for easy reading; most allow readers to change the font, a particularly good feature for people who prefer large print. Depending on their capacity, eBook readers store anywhere from 4,000 to over half a million pages.

Many books that appear in print have now been turned into eBooks. Readers may now find their favorite books in electronic format. They can read the works of world famous authors such as Robert Atkins, Gary Zukav, and Montel Williams in eBook format.

Other authors write manuscripts specifically as eBooks; these are books that have not appeared in print. This is an increasingly popular way for new authors to self-publish their work. Authors can get their work out to the public without going through a publishing house.

EBooks cover a wide variety of interesting topics. The most popular topics are business opportunities, health and fitness, making money, and how-to subjects. Here are some recent titles: Free Money for Life, Law Made Easy, Business Marketing for Profit 101, and Low-fat Cocktail Recipes. One EBook seller lists many more books on home business, self-improvement, and finance than on any other topics.

Certain commercial websites use eBooks to inform prospective clients about their business offerings. Such sites offer free downloads of their eBooks as a marketing tool, with the hope that a percentage of their readers will buy their products. For example, an informative eBook on fishing could refer to an online hobby store, and even include links to a page for purchasing fishing supplies.

Other sites use eBooks for educational purposes and offer downloads for free or at a nominal cost. Non-profits such as environmental and health organizations might employ this strategy to involve people in their issues.

The majority of eBooks, however, are sold on commercial websites. Large bricks and mortar bookstores sell eBooks on their websites. Other online booksellers specialize in eBooks or sell both eBooks and printed books. Some sellers might provide the first chapter or table of contents of an eBook for free so customers can "browse" through it before deciding to buy. EBooks may cost less, the same, or more than traditional paper books.

EBooks that are written specifically for the Internet and eBooks that are adapted from print may contain word or subject searches and hyperlinks to other sites or other sections of the eBook. This can be an effective marketing tool.

EBooks offer a remedy to concerns that Americans are reading less and less every year. By using 21st technology to promote the age-old art of reading, E-books contribute to a literate and intelligent society.

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