Raw Skin Care - Time To Rely On Nature

By: Robert Abdy

So, finally you have taken that ultimate bold step of adding anti-aging creams and lotions to your skin care regimen. Congratulations for taking the right decision on time and switching to raw skin care. Organic skin care has been getting a lot of attention lately. However, just by tagging a particular product as natural doesn't make the product raw or organic. Do not get carried away by the marketing gimmicks or by smart packaging of the brands. To be honest, in this sheer fashion conscious society, better packaging or smart ads is simply the rule of the game. Purchase only 100 percent natural moisturizing body wash, creams and serums, which are guaranteed to have no side effects or harmful after effects when applied on skin.

Needless to say, raw skin care is need of the hour however it is of utmost importance to be hundred percent sure that 'natural' is definitely not just yet another advertisement gimmick. Well, it's easy to comprehend whether or not your natural body wash is truly natural. All you have to do is to scan through the ingredients list and only select the products, which contain 100% raw natural oil, organic minerals like sulfur, natural antioxidants, and natural oil such as avocado oil and olive oil, and Omega 6 fatty acids. Stay away from harmful parabens, paraffin, alcohol and petroleum based products, instead bank on a product that is hundred percent chemical free, fragrance free and non-toxic and comes with the ultimate healing kiss of Mother Nature.

Let's delve further and understand the two most significant aspects of healthy skin care. Yes, we are talking about adequate hydration and effective antioxidants, which play a staggering role in making your skin healthy and youthful, plump and elastic. Well, it's simple science indeed. Your skin being the largest organ of your body is highly connected with the nerves and with other circulatory system. Quite ideally therefore, whatever goes inside your body also plays an incredible role in the overall appearance of your skin.

Do you still remember your grandparent's age old saying - 'drink plenty of water to keep your skin resilient ?' Well, that's a true statement because the skin typically draws nutrients, nourishment and water from within the body hence when it comes to the point of skin care, eating the right food and drinking plenty of water are the best bet. It goes without saying that hydrated tissue is the happy tissues! Indeed, water is totally important when it comes to the point of hydration and so is the role of oil in keeping your skin hydrated. While natural moisturizing body wash is an absolute must in keeping your skin healthy, ensuring to feed your skin with the right amount of essential fatty acids, natural oils are also equally important to support in keeping your skin healthy, radiant, vibrant, plump and dewy for long. Think about a natural body wash and body scrubs that come with the goodness of pure aloe, Sucrose Cocoate, Oat Extract, Avocado Oil, primrose and olive oil.

As already briefed, no matter how well you slather natural anti-aging creams, serums or any other raw skin care products, if you do not eat right, exercise well and if you do not protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, it's impossible to keep your skin healthy and plump!

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Robert Abdy has some friends who are skin care experts and through them he learned about the advantages and disadvantages of various skin care products. Here he wants to discuss about raw skin care. He will keep on sharing more on natural beauty products such as natural body wash, eye creams etc.

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