Randy Gage - A Con Artist Or The Real Deal

By: Marius Ystenes

Randy Gage can only be discribed as the one and only "MLM guru" out there, if there really is such a thing. Randy Gage has probably created more MLM millionaires than anyone else in this profession.

First of all, I am in no way affiliated with Randy Gage. I'm not in his organization and I have never met him personally. But during my own MLM carrier I have followed his trainings closely, as I feel that he has a lot of great value to bring to the table and from a distance he seems like a really great down-to-earth kind of guy.

To know how someone is like on a personal level is something you don't find out until you actually spend some time with them, though, so this is not something I can decide on.

However, one thing that is for certain is that he has branded himself as one of the greatest MLM Gurus on the market.

Through his trainings, blogs, conference calls and his best-selling book "How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine" he has given advice and tips to millions of people during the years while positioning himself as an expert in the market place, enabling him to sponsor people effortlessly into his organizations.

And this is probably the most valuable thing you can take away from following Randy Gage!

Randy Gage is currently working on building one of the largest organizations in Agel Enterprises, but when you look at his content and on his websites you don't see any mention of that company at all.

What Randy does is that by providing useful content and valuable information to all network marketers regardless of what company their assosicated with, he brands himself as the go-to leader in the market in a non-threatening way.

He does this branding so thourough that he actually becomes an MLM guru because of it.

If you just comprehend this, take it to heart and apply it to your own business nothing else that Randy teaches will actually help you more.

The knowledge Randy provides and shares are immensely useful for everyone involved with the direct sales industry. He teaches motivation, how to develope confidence in yourself, how to get posture and how to prospect, closing skills and a lot of other useful things that every entrepreneur should study to the fullest.

But this is just one piece of the puzzle!

Nothing of the subjects mentioned above matters much at all without having some fundamental business principles in place FIRST and in my eyes this is where many network marketing gurus are comming up short.

One of the very first skill you have to develop is how to MARKET. I mean, how much does it matter if you know how to prospect on the phone if you don't have anyone to talk to?

And if you're thinking about buying leads I would ask you to skip that thought right away. Doing this is pretty much just the same as throwing your money out the window as these leads could be shared by more people and usually they have no idea as of why you are calling them.

Most MLM teachers do not teach the whole picture for two very specific reasons:
1. They don't have the full knowledge about everything themselves.
2. They don't think the average guy are able to do it, hence they create trainings that fits "everyone" and leave this part out of the puzzle.

I would be so direct as to say that you are not really in business for yourself though, if you do not have your own marketing system in place set up for you. This is a system that must position you in front of your prospects as the leader they are looking for, and it needs to provides you with qualified prospects all day long. If you don't have that in place, you're really missing out. You can then study how you should close people all you want but it's pretty worthless for you!

When you DO have a marketing system in place for yourself, though, you will learn as you go along and you do not need to become a master prospector before you succeed because the numbers will make up for it. THEN, you can learn from gurus just like Randy as you go and be positioned for great success in this industry.

This is what countless people are finally understanding, that learning the right MARKETING SKILLS, together with using a top-notch MARKETING SYSTEM are the most crucial components in network marketing success and they are flocking around leaders that have the nerves to tell the whole equation.

In my opinion, Randy sadly comes up short in the area. However, Randy has some of the greatest training on the planet when it comes to what to actually do with the prospects once you have them, and I would encourage everyone reading this to learn from Randy and study his material well because they are a perfect fit TOGETHER with studying and learning real marketing training!

So to sum up this article, Randy Gage definetely is the real deal and you should really pay attention to everything he has to say. But also keep your alitude over the whole puzzle, and take advantage FIRST of the power that lies in having an effective marketing system in place. A marketing system that will let you generate your own red-hot targeted leads and also train you in every aspect of marketing that you need to learn in order to become a master marketer.

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Randy Gage is definetely someone you should pay attention to, but what's most important first is to set up an Attraction Marketing System. If you want to learn exactly how to succeed from A-Z, visit Marius Ystenes' Internet Network Marketing Blog.

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