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By: Liza C

Drinking coffee is one of the most popular hobbies of nearly all people in the world. It may be considered a pleasurable and healthy vise but can also provide bad effect in the body if consumed excessively.

Coffee, whether it is dark or decaffeinated or combined with milk or creamer, is a beverage that all people would love to have on a day to day basis. It is a liquid refreshment that can be sipped excitingly whether hot or cold and the best mate when we have deadlines, interestingly talking with someone or just reading our favorite books.

Coffee has truly evolved throughout the years. Its industry has made several people rich and accomplished in various places. The thousand coffee shops are one of its clear evidences. More than just wealth, drinking coffee can also make every person happy and relaxed. This is because of its main compound found in every granule that is known to affect the human body chemistry Ė the caffeine. This main component acts as a stimulant that pleases the body.

One of the well known good effects of drinking coffee is the energy gained. Hence, many people who have deadlines or need to be awake at night are taking coffee to keep them going. It also stimulates the bowel and provides more fascinating benefit to serious diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia, as well as gallstones and Parkinsonís diseases.

In some studies, coffee has also proven to reduce the incident of acquiring diseases in liver and Type 2 Diabetes, as well as oral, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancer. The anticancer compound, methylpyridinium found in coffee also serves as an antioxidant that helps in preventing cancer.

However, despite of these proven facts about coffee, it can also produce unhealthy effects on our body if we consumed more than what is recommended and our body can take in a day. Common disorders and diseases of excessive drinking of coffee include anxiety and sleep changes, gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

Indeed, drinking coffee is something that we should not be guilty of. However, we should keep in mind that it is still about balance. The recommended consumption per day is four cups (24 fl oz or 600 mL) or fewer. Letís not abuse the benefits that it can give us. Instead, let us just enjoy the pleasure of drinking a cup or two every day - that will definitely satisfy and keep us healthy.

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