Ramayana from the eyes of lord Rama

By: King of Ayodhya

Ramayana, one of the most praised and a revered epic of Indian literature, written by sage Valmiki, depicts righteousness of humankind.Delivering the ideal living of man, Ramayana portrays the life of lord Rama in seven kandas, Ramayana Books as in the seven stages of His life. Right from Bala kanda till Uttara kanda, through lord Rama’s life, Ramayana has been a perpetual source of inspiration on cultural, spiritual and creative bases to people from all over the world.

Rama, none other than Lord Vishnu Himself who takes avatar in the mortal world of human to kill demon Ravana stands as the Epitome of “Dharma” for ages. The epic spins around this central character, who personifies an Ideal son, husband, brother, father; and more than all, an ideal king to fellow people of his Kingdom. Such an incomparable soul, Rama stands tall as the key motivator to every facet of one’s life and the path to righteousness.

And here comes “I Rama, King of Ayodhya”; a Trilogy of this ancient epic retold from the eyes of the one who did it - Rama's story! The author, Ravi Venugopal takes a lateral perspective of the epic penning down the hardships and accolades as underwent and felt by the Lord himself thus giving life to the character. Though there had been many versions of the same story so far, this book stays unique and the first of its kind, as a tale right from the heart of its central spirit.

In this modern age of cut-throat technology, people rarely give a heed to values that one should follow in order to live the right life. And at right juncture, this book comes as a catalyst to readers of all age groups who can look for inspiration from life of Lord Rama as lived by Him, look for waves of emotions and values of such a great warrior through His tough-times and success, look for the right blend to success in the path of righteousness and much more. “I Rama, King of Ayodhya - Age of Seers”, Volume one of the trilogy is a fast paced and a well framed launch to the tale that comes straight from the eyes of Lord Rama!

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“The Age of Seers, Book I” of Rama’s story,outlines how Vishwamitra and several others controlled the planet and made it secure for modern day humans. More Info:www.i-rama.com/

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