Rajnikanth Jokes & Chuck Norris facts are very popular with their fans

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There are two characters in the movies that can do everything literally. One is Chuck Norris who is from Hollywood and the other one is Rajnikanth who is from Bollywood. I don't know if you have any experience of watching movies of these legends but if you have watched such movies, you would have noticed that they can do EVERYTHING. With the passage of time, it has become a funny humor that Rajnikanth & chuck Norris can do everything.
There are now many blogs & Facebook pages which include famous chuck Norris Jokes & Rajnikanth Jokes. These jokes have made them more famous as now more people know these two personalities then before. Even people have started watching movies of these two actors after reading jokes. The jokes are famous by the name of Rajnikanth jokes, Chuck Norris jokes & Chuck Norris facts.
These jokes are usually short or one-liners which usually states something which is unusual, impossible or hard to believe. Some of the jokes relating to Rajnikanth are:
Rajnikanth is planning the remake of titanic but he has changed the end of the movie. In the end, he will be swimming across the ocean with actress in one hand and titanic in the other.
Rajni was offered the movie "Mission Impossible" but he has refused to work because nothing is impossible for Rajnikanth.
All the superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, batman etc come to wish Rajnikanth Happy Teachers Day.
Apple which falls on Newton is thrown by Rajnikanth
All Rajnikanth jokes are inspired from Chuck Norris jokes & Facts. Chuck Norris was famous for this kind of jokes even before Rajnikanth. Some Famous Chuck Norris facts are:
Chuck Norris has counted to infinity twice.
Chuck Norris directs GPS which way to go.
These Chuck Norris jokes are so famous with his fans that once chuck Norris himself commented that he finds some jokes really funny and he is not offended by these jokes. There are many games and cartoon being made on these two personalities fighting and no one wins in the end because both of these personalities are considered as of same caliber.
As Rajnikanth is very famous in India, Rajnikanth jokes are very popular there. People have become so creative that they are creating new jokes daily but the humor remains same that Rajnikanth can do every impossible Thing. Some of the fans of Rajnikanth also get offended by these jokes but all these jokes are created and circulated with good humor with no intention to humiliate or offend Rajnikanth and chuck Norris.
So if you want to enjoy this kind of humor than Google chuck Norris facts, chuck Norris jokes & Rajnikanth jokes and you will find some of the best laughing material for you.

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