Rain Nutrition Marketing Doesn't Work

By: Scott Marvin

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This article is based on real life experiences and industry statistics.

Rain Nutrition Quick Overview

Rain Nutrition is a new MLM beverage company that launched in 2009. Their drinks include some of the highest antioxidant levels in any drink product and are more robust than any superfood known to man. Their two core products are Rain Soul and Rain Rush. Rain Soul is the flagship product and Rain Rush is an energy beverage. The science behind Rain has been around for 20 years but Rain Nutrition is the first company to use the exact method for formulate a product.

Rain Nutrition uses the network marketing style of doing business. Network marketing has been the way many new beverage companies are entering the market. The MLM model involves selling products to your friends and family and then recruiting them as distributors. As new distributors sell to their contacts they can also sell products and a duplication process begins.

Rain Nutrition The Rain Nutrition marketing style has it problems.

Here is the flaw. The type of marketing that network marketing companies teach won't work out for 96% of the reps in the network marketing industry. These methods might have been successful in the 90's for more people but in today’s market they have become very ineffective.

Rain Nutrition lays out their marketing plan on their web page. Below is what they claim to be duplication and is what they teach their new reps.

Find your WHY

I agree with the first part of their marketing training. No matter what business endeavor you choose to do you need to find a motivation deep down inside of you that is going to drive you to become a winner. You must have a desire and a drive to find success.

Go Core

This is all about commitment. Rain want's you to be committed to your business. So far so good with the Rain marketing strategy.

Make a Contact List

This part of the Rain marketing strategy is where things begin to get slightly out of wack. First of all Rain Nutrition preaches duplication. How can a person who knows a total of 100 people duplicate someone with over 1,000 sales and business contacts? Obviously the person who holds 1,000 quality contacts has a huge advantage compared to the one with few contacts. Duplication can never really exist because people are different and can't be cracked out of a mold.

Expand Your Warm Market

Rain Nutrition wants you to contact all the people you know even the ones you haven't spoken to in years. They suggest using social networks like facebook, your community and your church. I can tell you that tons of e-mails daily from people on facebook asking me to check out their business and guess what? They are all different opportunities and they all claim to be the best. This type of marketing (if you can call it that) only produces a bunch of noise in the market and creates hardly any results. Your warm list of people you know is not the best list to contact and going on facebook to blast your opportunity out to people doesn't work either.

Picture this

“Let's see. I think I will call aunt Helen who is 78 years old and talk her into selling my products. Or maybe uncle Fred. He has always liked me and will do it if I ask. I don't think he will be angry at me when he spends a whole month's worth of pay and makes no money.”

Am I making sense? The people you should be prospecting are people who are motivated and have a drive to hang in there even when it requires and excruciating amount of work.

Invite and Follow Up

This means drag your friends and family to an opportunity meeting where they will get a huge dose of hypnotism and be worked over for a sale. Have you ever experienced one of those timeshare presentations? They they trick you into coming with a free vacation and then they work on selling you a $50,000 vacation plan. Those people won’t leave you alone. Would you purposely force your Aunt or best friend to one of those? Wrong wrong wrong. That's not the right strategy and the wrong folks to try to recruit.

Use The Right Tools

Get ready to spend some money. You can purchase a business cards, company DVD's, flyers, brochures and a self replicating web page. These are all very ineffective ways to market and the cost is not worth the return. I have never met anybody who has made money marketing a replicated web page. And actually replicated web pages turn more people away than produce sales. If you are promoting Rain Nutrition on the web then I can promise you people have already seen a website exactly like yours several times. It doesn’t work.

Host a Party

Now here’s an idea. Why not host a party? You can purchase a ton of food and get out some of your product and invite? You guessed it! Invite your entire warm list, all of your family and friends. People rarely want to go to these? They know they will feel obligated to buy something. This is not a good way to market and you are using a relationship to earn a quick buck.

Attend and Invite

Leaders in Rain hold company events where speakers are brought in. These leaders could be guest speakers or a leader within Rain. This is a great way to train your team an also sponsor new reps. These are actually very effective once you have the right people to plug in. The problem is getting the right people there.

The Rain Nutrition marketing system is flawed. Their products are fantastic but they like other network marketing opportunities they do not have a system that is easily duplicated. A list of friends and family will run out fast and then there is no one left to call. "Marketing" is the key word in Network Marketing. Without a marketing strategy or a marketing system you can not grow a huge business. If you were opening a sandwich shop you certainly wouldn't rely on just your friends and family to support it.

There is a revolution happening right in in front of you. This revolution is called the internet. The web is opening doors to people that have never had an opportunity to reach a mass of people. This juggernaut of information has made it possible for people to literally create fortunes from their home office. Over the past few years some of the brightest minds have been developing ways to grow their MLM businesses online. They don't call friends and family, they don't do selling parties, they don't stand in malls and hand out flyers.

I’m not knocking Rain Nutrition for their their way of marketing because up until now that is all that has been known. However, there is a new and better way and the future holds a big reward for those who learn these strategies early. Internet marketing is still a baby and if you can grab hold now you will be in for a wild and thrilling ride. I hope for the best for Rain Nutrition and the other network marketing companies out there. It's time to look toward the future because the times are changing fast. You don't want to get left behind. If you are looking for a change in your network marketing company and a complete turn around of how you approach your business then follow the links in this article.

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