RS Broken Home Game Guide Part I

By: abigail

To begin, consult with the home maid Maria outdoors from the Mansion, north-east of Varrock (south from the Rag and Bone Guy). Leave her with your help, and she'll request you to definitely go into the mansion and investigate deaths happening inside.

Go into the mansion, and you will visit a ghostly waif appear and walk ins a wall. When within the mansion, you'll be susceptible to attack in the ghost of Ormod when passing between doorways. He'll only appear behind doorways which have a smoky effect around them. You are able to avoid him by right clicking the doorway and 'peeking' first before entering the area, or entering the area and rapidly exiting then re-entering. This can be done with any door within the Mansion.

Stick to the waif and go into the first save room (a). If you re-enter this room, all your progress is saved. Including products collected, doorways unlocked and chests opened up. Run west towards the chest from the wall and open it up for any slab of mystery meat. Mystery Meat will fully heal you when you are assaulted by Ormod, or lose health for just about any other reason. It's wise to save it until you are really low on health.

Mind north with the door in to the next corridor, after which mind with the door around the west wall to room (b). You'll briefly visit a Cleaning Service before she's consumed with a monstrous hands showing up in the portrait. She'll drop a raven key plus some clock hands. Go back to the save room through the same path, and set the time on the job the Timepiece near the chest to get a watch jewel.

Now mind to the primary hall either in the save room or even the corridor north, and mix the primary hall towards the door within the north-east corner around the Eastern wall (c). Open this door using the Raven Key, and you will see another Ghostly Waif go through a wall. Go ahead and take door around the south wall and go into the study. Search the desk within this room to locate Ingram's notes around the ghost attacks, after which mind west towards the library in room (d). Investigate stack of fallen books to begin it stacking puzzle.

This puzzle is at random produced for those gamers, and also the goal would be to restack the books within the right order. Begin with any combination, and appearance your solution. When the first book is wrong (the main one that's at the base from the stack), simply change it with another and repeat before you have that book right. Carry on using the second, third etc book before you complete the puzzle, and receive another two eye gems for the efforts. Now stick to the path back to the corridor with the study, and mind with the easternmost door into another corridor, and so the northernmost door. Enter into the armoury (e) if you take the very first door towards the west individuals, and finish the armour puzzle while using following solution to obtain the next eye jewel.

On entering the area, push the statue towards the west.

Run south before you cannot go any more. Push the statue towards the east.

Step where this statue was, and take a measure south. Push the statue towards the west.

Take two steps south and push the statue towards the east from the wall

There's your final type of four statues while watching eye jewel. Push the westmost statue south in to the corner, after which push the statue two east of the south from the wall. Finally, push the statue directly while watching eye jewel towards the west.

After using the jewel, walk out the area and increase the steps towards the west.

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