RAID Data Recovery

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RAID data recovery requires a high level of technical skill and specialized facilities. Not all data recovery companies will have sufficient resources. So your first task if you come to need RAID data recovery is to find a data recovery company with a successful record of recovering data from all kinds of RAID systems.

What is RAID?

RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. It improves disk read/write operations and incorporates fault-tolerant features. To some extent, data recovery is built into RAID systems .

A RAID system will have a number of disk drives, all controlled by one RAID controller. The controller manages all the different drives and presents a single logical data view to the system. The drive control function might offer different kinds of drive management utilities, such as scanning or formatting a particular drive.

Redundancy is built in with the system being able to continue to work even if one of the drives fails. A complex mathematical logic ensures that the system can continue read/write operations even if one disk is offline.

The logical array ensures balanced data read/write operations. Instead of overloading just one disk with all the work, the data streams across all the physical drives.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID data recovery starts with rebuilding the logical array. The logical array represents the integrated data view. The original configuration of the RAID system is restored through the array rebuild and this ensures that the next step of file system repair is error free.

If you attempt file system recovery without first rebuilding the array, a huge number of errors could result and the file system can get corrupted. The array rebuild should only be attempted by persons with the requisite level of technical know-how. This is something that few data recovery companies can arrange make sure the one you have found can do this sort of work.

The correct rebuilding of the RAID array ensures quality data recovery and may need the rebuilding of individual drives prior to the rebuild for instance if the server was in a fire or flood. Do not be tempted to just RAID controller. This is a hit or miss and can result in further damage to the array.

RAID data recovery involves additional complexity because there are different RAID levels, RAID controllers and RAID architectures. Drives used can also be different in type, make or model. The reasons for data loss can also be varied and can require different kinds of recovery approaches.

With such a range of complexity, RAID data recovery is not something that can be attempted by just any data recovery company and .


RAID data recovery is technically a highly challenging job. Automated recovery attempts can lead to corrupting the file systems and making the situation even worse. The RAID array has to be rebuilt correctly before file system repair is attempted.

RAID systems can be different in their architecture and hardware components, and data loss can occur from varied causes. These factors also make it important that only experienced RAID data recovery specialists should be entrusted with your serverrebuild or RAID data recovery job.

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