Quit Smoking within an Hour? Laser Therapy Provides a Ground Breaking Solution

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Smoking is rapidly becoming an unacceptable trend in the society. Due to the significant and numerous health issues brought upon by the smoker on himself and the passerby’s, greater emphasis is laid on quitting smoking as before.

Quitting smoking is a tedious job. It requires a great amount of self-control, will power and patience to bear the consequences of not fulfilling the nicotine dose for the day. Most people find it beyond their capability to manage it for more than a week or so and are hence back to usual smoking.

Is quitting smoking impossible?

No! That might have been the case previously, but not since the inception of the cold laser therapy for quitting smoking. Let us first understand what a laser therapy is and then we can learn about its effectiveness for quitting smoking.

Cold laser, or low level laser beam therapy is the method which works on the principles of acupuncture. Just like in acupuncture, certain stress points are focal and critical to the treatment of the patient; cold laser therapy uses certain corners of the body to suppress the urge for smoking. In this case, needles are replaced by a harmless, painless and safe laser beam.

By focusing the laser beam on specific focal points, endorphins in the body are released which are stress reducing agents. Recount that the major problem with quitting smoking is the excruciating and never ending pain and stress to the body and the mind. Laser therapy curbs that during the treatment stage.

Is laser treatment effective?

Why endorphins are so effective in quitting smoking is imminent from the fact that endorphins block the nicotine receptors in the brain, hence diminishing the nicotine demand and addiction and therefore, eliminating the need to smoke at all. Nicotine is the most dangerous and addictive part of a cigarette and laser therapy counters this problem head on.

The need for mood enhancers is provided by the generation of endorphins through cold laser therapy so smoking becomes irrelevant. This leads to the second part of our discussion about the effectiveness of this solution to quit smoking. After all, theory is one thing and practicality is another.

Results have shown that cold laser therapy is effective to a staggering range of 85 to 90% in making people quit smoking. This is an exceptional figure. It shows how laser therapy is actually the ultimate solution to quit smoking once and for all. Laser therapy does not require a person to be patient, does not test perseverance and temperament and does not go on for months. In fact, it is completed within an hour. Amazing eh?

Laser therapy has been widely researched and studied by students at the Harvard school of medicine, who reached the conclusion that this method is far more effective and reliable as compared to nicotine patches. In fact, laser therapy is getting exponentially growing popularity in Canada and U.S.

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