Quit Smoking Tips To Be Successful

By: David Walcott

In accordance with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), a greater number of individuals than individuals that stop heroin joined than individuals who stop smoking. Rock star, Ozzy Osbourne, known for his addiction to virtually all the drugs available, said one time that of the entire addictions he had, stopping smoking was the biggest problem to quit.

The primary drug for smokers is nicotine and it is extremely addictive. In fact, the ASAM suggests that of all the addictive drugs that there is nicotine use has an alarming relapse rate. Should you give up hope and not even bother with quit smoking? Definitely no! There are many successful ex-smokers that used wisdom, determination and sound quit smoking tips without any type of relapse.

Due to nicotine's severe rates of addiction, quitting is rough to do solo. Go to your health provider for additional medical relief to quit cigarettes. Through reviewing and attempting quit smoking tips, the potential for achievement will be greater. Individuals will not have the knowledge if the quit smoking tips are useful without attempting them. The journey will seem infinite until you actually begin it.

The first quit smoking tip is to alter your daily activities. Did you know that many smokers actually create a subconscious daily activity pattern that is focused around the habit of smoking? For example, alter your route that you drive to work so that perhaps you won't smoke those two cigarettes before clocking in for work. For those that like to smoke after a meal, do the dishes so that your hands are wet and busy instead of smoking a cigarette. The goal is to unlearn the patterns that you have sub-consciously set up in your mind through a little behavior modification.

Next, if you do have a small relapse and have a cigarette, don't give up on quitting. An imperative quit smoking tip is to accept that everyone is not perfect. All your work is not ruined. It doesn't matter how many times that you might relapse but how many times you are willing to try again. You haven't failed at quitting smoking until you decide not to try anymore.

A third quit smoking tip is to realize that smoking can be triggered by stress and even anger. Take the time to find a class that will teach you how to cope with daily stress and even anger without smoking. Many of these classes are free of charge and will help you greatly with quitting smoking.

On a final note, if you are the type of person that regularly smokes at different social happenings, a sound quit smoking tip is to let your party buddies know that you quit smoking. Talk to them about not handing you cigarettes or giving into you when you ask them for a smoke. The buddies that are your true friends will help you to remain smoke-free.

If you need more quit smoking tips, look on the Web for more. Believe that you can quit!

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