Quit Smoking Plan: Methods and Remedies

By: Edie Kunderas

Smoking is a cruel addiction. Lot of people understand the ill-effects only after they are addicted to smoking. But the good news is Smoking Addiction is difficult to quit but not Impossible.
Lot of people use different ways to quit. Some take it as a New Year's Resolution to quit and some for health reason. Irrespective of the reason here are seven tried and tested tips that will help you succeed in quitting.
Seven tips to reduce the craving:
Drink lots of liquids, especially water.
Avoid sugar and fatty foods, and don't skip meals.
Exercise regularly and moderately.
Get more sleep.
Take deep breaths when cravings hit.
Change your habits. For example, eat breakfast in a different place, or take a different route to work.
Do something to reduce your stress. Take a hot bath, read a book, or exercise.
Seven Tips to Quit Smoking
Yard by yard is always hard, but inch by inch is always a cinch: This is a easier way to remember. Recovery from nicotine addiction is a method of slow release over time.
Quitting is not a race: Ease into your quit. Don't think of it as a destination but as a journey.
Be positive. Quitting is not unattainable
Create reason to quit.
Replace smoking with enjoyable action like playing a sport etc
Accept you might have obstacle like withdrawal symptoms to get you back to smoking but fight it.
Be around with a person who will help you quit.
When you decide that you want to stop smoking, it is a good idea to know and accept that you need to make the transition from a smoker to a non-smoker successfully. A very common technique that often helps with smoking cessation is to chew gum. This has helped numerous smokers quit the habit. The basic fact is not about the gum but about keeping your mouth busy! As you progress down the path of non-smoking you will begin to understand things such as, breathing becomes easier, you think more clearly, you don't get winded as quickly. Learning these changes in your body will help to reach your desired outcome of being cigarette free for the rest of your life.

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