Quit Smoking Effectively

By: Chris Roger

The decision to discontinue smoking must be carried out now than later as addictions are very difficult to stop. The next question comes forth about how to end smoking when that is what a person has been doing for a number of years. The breathing in and breathing out of the nicotine based product has undesirable consequences on the body as the substance is known to be very addictive to both the mind and body.

Researches show that once you complete smoking a cigarette, it would denote you have lost at least 5 -10 minutes of your life. Aside from causing your body to become weaker, smoking leaves a person with bad breath, wrinkles, yellow teeth, reduce bone density, fertility problems that will unavoidably affect the sexual health of both women and men, and the higher chances of being infected with deadly diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer, etc. Smoking is costly and can cut down the life span of a person from around 6 years or even more.

There are many techniques on how to quit smoking that can be obtained without difficulty from various places. Medications are also given away as a quit smoking remedy by many doctors today. A variety of nicotine replacements such as nicotine patches, nicotine gums lozenges, inhalers, are used to aid a person to quit smoking. But the problem with nicotine replacements as well as most medications is that they deal with mainly the physical aspect of how smoking affects the human body. Techniques on how to quit smoking should be zeroed in more on the mind than the body because this is where the main addiction lies.

Dealing with the mind is the most difficult. This is because a smoker inclines to always view that his joy and happiness lies inside a cigarette. Realizing the fact of what the nicotine inside the cigarette can do to the mind and body is one of the most important issues in smoking.

One of the most significant things to keep in mind on how to stop smoking lies in breaking such connections with the mind. Smokers think that they need a cigarette to relieve them from their daily stresses. If the connection of the mind with smoking is broken, then a person will be able to overcome this problem, with time your mind will train to deal with daily activities without taking a cigarette.

Another hint on how to quit smoking would be to attend counselling sessions and get assistance from someone who is an ex-smoker, a person who has discovered the value of life and had stopped smoking. Speaking the fears you might have on quitting smoking, relieving the doubts in your mind can all be cleared out by participating in such sessions which are beneficial to anyone who is seeking to quit smoking.

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