Quick and Cheap Way to Make Ebooks

By: Stephen Beck

For a long time, I didn't think it was worthwhile to write an ebook. Why would somebody produce a cheap $27 ebook when he can publish an entire course that's worth $447? I'll tell you why you should focus on ebooks and become an ebook millionaire.

Let me give you several reasons and then I will show you an easy and cheap way to make ebooks that doesn't require writing at all! First, an ebook provides a low cost way for a prospective customer to get to know you. Many people would rather spend $27 to see if you are legit, before spending $447 and risk getting burned. An ebook gives them an opportunity to test the waters first. If they are comfortable, then they will be willing to risk more.

Next, an ebook can help you get hold of a wider market. When you look at your email list you may not see as many names as you like, but there's a ton of potential customers waiting to be found. Big home study curriculums usually have affiliate programs which are confusing. This can might deter the number of people who would marketing your home study product. Use your ebook to grow your list and eventually sell your $447 product.

However, ebooks are portable. With the help of companies like Clickbank which allow hundreds if not thousands of people to promote the ebook for you, you can easily market an ebook to the world. Your ebooks work as relay messengers getting in touch with people you can't meet physically.

These small ebooks eventually lead to the bigger package, such as your $447 video course. If take a liking to your ebook, they will also like your home study course. The ebook only has some pictures or screenshots, so they'll love the videos. These are step-by-step videos which help them in realtime with what is taught on the ebook.

So what is the bad news? Who wants to sit down and grind out an ebook? Not me! So, I talk my way through an ebook. It's the easiest way to write and market an ebook. I schedule a free teleseminar, invite interested people to the teleseminar, have them send questions in advance and then record the teleseminar. I then have the recording transcribed, lightly edit the transcription and convert the whole thing to a pdf file.

I then list it on ClickBank, send out a few emails and in rolls the money! ClickBank takes care of the affiliates, processing the order and sends me a check every month. It is really that easy!

So now I am "killing two birds with one stone". I am assessing demand before I pour a ton of time and energy into a huge home study course. If the ebook doesn't sell well, I know the home study course won't sell well either. I am also generating a positive cash flow to help fund my home study course. And I am gathering customers from all around the globe through the hundreds of thousands of ClickBank affiliates who will want to promote my ebook. Make that three birds instead of two!

The only thing to do now is pick a topic and schedule a teleseminar for free! Equipped with this product your information empire's groundwork is assured, ready to soar and you are can become an ebook millionaire!

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Stephen Beck is an expert who shows you how to make money with a home based business. You can get his free audio workshop with his 7 step formula to make money online.

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