Quick Guide To Buying An LCD 1080p HDTV

By: Alex Bradbury

When you are in the market for a new television, resolution should be one of factors you should consider. If you have the money, perhaps you should consider buying an LCD 1080p HDTV.

What is the big deal about an LCD 1080p HDTV? Well for starters, that is about 1,920x1,080 pixels which many consider as the Holy Grail of HDTV resolution. This is because it is the best that television companies have been able to come up with which is an improvement from the 720p.

The 1080p is an improvement from the 1080i. The big difference is that images are no longer in an interlaced format but rather sequentially in a single pass making it clearer for people to see the images on the screen.

Keep in mind that when you do buy an LCD 1080p HDTV, its price will be much higher than an EDTV or enhanced definition TV screen because it costs more to make. But does it really make a difference? A lot of experts in the industry say no.

This is because unless you are in the business of video editing or extreme graphic use, such features are not needed when you turn on the television to watch your favorite show or movie. Second, people in Hollywood have no intentions of to produce shows using the 1080p format.

But then again, there is hope because in the battle between high definition and blu ray, the second one is sometimes the format being used when a movie is released in DVD. For this to work, you need to buy an HD DVD player since the data is encoded in 1080p.

Such information will not make you jump for joy because most broadcasts are still done using the 1080i and 720p format and there are no plans to switch to 1080p due to bandwidth issues.

Will there come a time that this will happen if such issues are resolved? Probably not because it is not worth the time or the money. An independent test showed that they did not see any difference when they watched a show using this or the previous format so why even bother.

So why make it in the first place? Simply because there is competition between plasma and LCD televisions. Manufactures think that better pixel quality equals more sales but it is just one selling point and not the big picture when the consumer decides to go out and buy a new television.

In the end, what we are trying to say is that you are better off with a television either a plasma or an LCD that is 720p. If you want to intensify your viewing pleasure, use the extra dollars you save to buy a better sound system.

But if you are not watching a movie, you will need a high definition signal through an antenna, cable or satellite because nothing will appear on screen without it. You should also get the proper accessories like the box and a satellite dish to get clear signals from the network.

The LCD 1080p HDTV is only good if you plan to use it for work. Otherwise, this is something you should forget because even if you play video games with it like Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, this is made in the 720p format so there is no point even if you can make adjustments in the user settings.

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