Quality standards in a Preschool & its importance.

By: pavan kumar

Quality has off late become the highly discussed topic among all and this made us divert our focus on Quality today. We have learnt a very important lesson from our economy that if the supply of some product/service is less, its demand in deed becomes more and vice-verse. The same thing applies even to Quality. With increasing number of preschools in the country, quality has taken a back seat, there by increasing its demand among parents. Quality means different to different people. To some, it is On Time delivery and to some, Time takes a back seat if the product/service meets their requirements and expectations. But, ultimately all leads to one path, i.e., the level of satisfaction from a service/product.

So, how many quality preschools do we have in our country, making a preschool qualitative enough to satisfy the needs of parents and how do one measure a quality in a preschool ?
Look out for following in a preschool to measure its quality,

1. Parent Company the preschool belongs to:

It takes time for a new company to settle down and focus on quality as they work more on trial and error basis, so always prefer a preschool that comes from the house of well established company especially in the same filed of Education.

Oi Playschool comes from the house of People Combine, a group that has pioneered and defined the way education is perceived in India. The group is backed by 20 years of expertise in the field of Education.

2. Centre Head/Centre Manager:

Centre Heads/ Centre Managers in a preschool are mostly females and represents the entire preschool. She plays a major role in molding the behavior of your child in many ways. A good centre head will know the ways and means of handling children and parents effectively. She will not only be a good counseller, but will be full of energy, patience and affection for children.

Oi Playschool selects its centre heads after a rigorous recruitment process and they are specially trained on handling their roles in an effective way. Continuous training is provided to the centre heads to improve them on various aspects that a preschool in today's world demands.

3. Teachers:

Teachers are an integral part of a child's life. A child spends all his time in a school with his/her class teacher, so it is very important for a teacher to be qualitative enough to pass on those traits to children. Quality of a teacher can be measured with the way she handles a child. Knowing the fact that every child is different is very important for a teacher to inculcate a life long learning process.

At Oi Playschool, teachers are carefully selected and trained to handle children effectively. Oi Playschool also focuses a lot on language training to teachers as they interact with kids for almost 3-4 hours in a day and at this tender age a child will learn and imitate what ever a teacher communicates with him/her.

4. Qualifications of Teaching staff:

A recent survey revealed that there are almost 20-25 preschools prevailing in an area with in its 5 km radius and not all of them are equipped with a qualified staff. Though, being a preschool teacher don't need to have a post graduate degree, but graduation is a must for preschool teacher and further qualifications like NTT, PPTC and B.Ed are an added advantage.

Oi Playschool does a back end audit on the teachers it recruits to maintain the healthy learning atmosphere for children.

5. Infrastructure:

Your child needs much more than just a class room teaching, so a preschool with ample play area should be preferred. Infrastructure also needs to be child safe along with it having a space for kids to learn while playing. Do not compromise with playschools started in flats or buildings as your child will be restricted to please just indoors.

Oi Playschool's infrastructure is designed to provide joyous learning experience to children.

6. Safety & Security:

Safety is the fore most thing that comes to our mind when handling children. It is very important for a preschool to maintain all the necessary safety measures.

Though there are many other factors associated with the quality assurance in a preschool, above few points might have given you an insight on quality checks in a preschool.

There are many certifications that assure the quality standards maintained in preschool. Oi Play is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Quality Control Certification for the quality standards maintained by Oi Playschool across all its centers.

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