Quality control through six sigma methodology

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Six sigma methodology is a business tool that was designed to improve processes using data-driven strategy. It focuses on extracting maximum customer satisfaction and at the same time on lowering operational cost. In order to understand and implement this tool one needs specialized training and certification so that they can successfully reduce defects and improve or redesign the business model keeping in mind the needs and specifications of the end users. The two methodologies under six sigma that are primarily used are DMAIC methodology and DMADV methodology. Though the goal is common, which is to improve the efficiency of a business, the approach is different. The first identifies the problems and works to improve them, and the second redesigns a model as a possible solution.

If you think you need a business solution for your existing business model, you can implement the DMAIC methodology and for that you should know the basics of the methodology. DMAIC is an acronym for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Let us briefly understand each of these.

Define the issues and processes and more importantly define who the customers are and what are their requirements. The goal is to know whether the process has been designed towards customer satisfaction.

Measure the processes and through data collection identify the types of defects.

Analyze the cause of defects and decipher the gaps between current performance and the target. Through 6 sigma methodology you can devise the solutions to improve the defects and achieve target goals.

Improve the processes to reach the target and ensure customer satisfaction. This is the most important aspect of the DMAIC methodology. Once you identify the cause of the defects you have to design solutions to reduce the defects and implement it for the future.

Control the improved processes. It is not enough to identify the defects, you also have to sustain the improved model and maintain it to avoid reverting back to processes that had caused the defects.

Six sigma methodology requires special training and only certified people or companies can integrate this in their business model. There are training organizations that impart training to employees and based on their performance they are given green belt, black belt or master black belt. In large companies trained black belt experts are dedicated only in the implementation of Six sigma or its methodology such as the DMAIC methodology.

The implementation of a six sigma methodology follows a simple hierarchy. The top management or the CEO decides on the projects. The champions devise solutions and identify the targets that are to be reached. The master black belts who have the highest level of training in six sigma work towards implementation of the processes. The black belts assist the master black belts and are entirely dedicated to this project. The green belts also handle the methodology apart from working on other projects. The training organizations and online certification programs help choose employees who they think can participate and excel in the training. Be it the DMAIC methodology or any other, the ultimate goal is to take the company to new heights by maximizing satisfaction levels and minimizing defects.

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Improve processes through six sigma methodology. Implement DMAIC methodology for improved processes.

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