Quality Marble Granite Countertops As a Birthday Gift For Your Mom

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Your mom has always loved the kitchen – and it definitely shows. Some of your most treasured memories growing up revolved around food. Waking up to the delicious smell of pancakes drizzled with butter and homemade maple syrup. Getting a comforting bowl of creamy bacon and potato soup after doing miserably in an exam. Snacking on French fries with mayo and garlic dip while playing Monopoly or Scrabble on a lazy weekend. Having beef casserole or baked spaghetti for lunch, much to the envy of your classmates, who usually had to content themselves with whatever greasy or bland stuff the school cafeteria came up with.

The list goes on and on. The food your mom prepared was sometimes hearty, other times decadent, sometimes flavourful, other times light and fluffy. But what no matter what she cooked, it was a sure bet that it would always, always turn out to be delicious. She was so talented, in fact, that most food you ate at restaurants usually paled in comparison to what she made at home. She also got more than a fair share of suggestions to put up her own restaurant or catering business, and you couldn’t agree more. After all, who better than you to personally know what an amazing cook your mom is?

However, every time she is thrown that question, or given that suggestion, she would just smile and shake her head. And even though you’re disappointed at her apparent lack of drive to be an entrepreneur when she clearly has the talent to offer an amazing product, you know the reason, and you understand. Your mom cooks for her family and friends; the last thing she wants is to turn it into business. She does it out of love and affection.

She cooks to welcome your dad whenever he gets home from a long day of work; she cooks to cheer you out of depression when you didn’t have a good a day at school; she cooks to celebrate your older brother’s victory on his basketball games; she cooks to bond with her closest friends, women she has known since she was in elementary. She puts her heart and soul into whatever dish she prepares and it shows, it really does.

It follows logic, therefore, that you didn’t take after her in terms of culinary skills. Sure you can cook, and you’re fairly sure it also turns out decent more often than not, but there’s really no comparison between her cooking and yours. You want to honor her on her birthday by giving her something she’d truly appreciate, and if that’s the case, maybe you can look into quality granite and marble countertops. You’ve gotten tired of giving her pots and all sorts of utensils. This year, you want your gift to mean more than just another casserole in her cabinet.

Opting for good granite countertops in NJ, marble tile installation, and granite countertops in New Jersey, therefore, should prove to be a sensible move. She’d have a nice makeover in what is undoubtedly her favorite room in the house – and you won’t have to choose another pan.

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