Quality For Consumers Is Important In Article Marketing

By: preety172

If you look around the Internet there are several recommended styles of article marketing so how do you decide which is the right way for you? On the one hand there are those who swear by writing several articles a day and submitting them to as many directories as they can. Then there are those who write one article and either use software to spin them into several articles or make small changes like title and first paragraph and submit the similar articles to the sise sites. For more info login to : www.article-writing-secret.com Then there are those who write one quality article daily, weekly or monthly and just submit to a few sites.

All of those ways of article marketing may work, but which works the best? Lets just go through the different ways.

1. Most of us Does Not have the time to write several articles a day and if they are about the sise subject, intending to promote one particular site those articles can become repetitive and lose quality to quantity. Of course some people can write several good articles a day but he does not think that he is one of them.
2. Spinning articles might be a great time saver, but when you look at the results of spinning they can be laughable. The articles often Does Not make sense to the reader and can be difficult to understand in much the sise way as badly translated articles. Many directories Does Not want those articles; he knows that He Does Not want articles on my site that visitors may have difficulty in understanding.
3. Changing the first paragraph and or the title of an article and submitting it to different sites is great, that means there is not so much of a duplicate content issue. Submitting the altered versions of the sise article to the sise directories is not on. Last week a joker submitted the sise article to my directory with slightly different titles 4 times using 4 different accounts. As if he was not going to notice the similarities when Helooked at the list of articles waiting for approval!
4. Then there is quality and submitting to fewer sites. A quality article is a pleasure to approve. he enjoys reading the article, he knows that the quality of his site is going to improve and he knows that the quality articles are going to bring in more traffic to my site. He also know that a quality article does not need to be submitted to hundreds of sites or spun. A quality article will be picked up on by publishers and replicated pretty darn quick.

That article does better for hits than most articles of his own and those of authors on my sites that have been especially written for article marketing. He asked himself why and cise up with 2 reasons. One was that He had added a good variety of keywords and phrases without thinking about it. The other reason I suspect is that the article is unique, very different to any other travel article that he has seen out there. It is also obvious that He knows the place well whereas most article marketing travel articles donít give you a sense of the authors knowing the places that they write about and show little personality.
The top 2 articles on my directory every month are my own scis warnings. They are only on a couple of my sites so the hits are not spread between zillions of article directories. Again He is providing information that people want and need. Neither of the articles were written for the purpose of article marketing and a variety of keywords and phrases happened naturally. For more details login to: www.yourown-article-directory.com So to me a quality article is reasonably well written, packed with information written from experience that people want or need, unique or as different to other articles as possible and showing some personality.

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