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Your tools are a vital component of the safety and success of your business. In fact, since humans first realized that they could use simple tools as a way of increasing their ability, they've used them to help create some of the largest and grandest structures in the world. Now, you might not be planning anything as ornate as a cathedral, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the quality of your tools.

Lansing Force is one of the nation's leading providers of hammer keys, marline spikes, and other tools for a simple reason: quality is very important to us. This legacy goes back decades, right to the founding of our business as a small blacksmith shop that produced some of the finest tools the area had ever seen. As companies started to use our products, word began to spread, and we've grown into a major supplier for everyone from nautical and railroad companies to manufacturing areas and even some portions of the military.

When people think of modern manufacturing, they often think of an assembly line or a mold where raw material is simply shaped into the right form. This isn't actually a bad way to go about making some products, especially with materials like plastic molds that would be impractical to shape by hand. However, hand tools are an entirely different category of product, and there's a reason we still make so many of them by hand. Many tools have simple and straightforward designs because that's how they were designed to be; your average plumbers caulking irons aren't exactly the most complicated shape to make. However, these shapes are simple because they're designed for a particular purpose and don't need extra decorations in order to make them strong and functional.

Blacksmith techniques are designed to create products that really work for their intended purpose. Forged blades, for example, can be properly sharpened and maintain their strength for a longer period of time, while tools that are intended to provide leverage of some kind can be given the kind of internal structural strength that allows for them to be used on even some of the toughest jobs without breaking.

People actually trust their lives to the strength of our tools, expecting our products to be able to get the job done when it counts. In a way, the compliment we receive just from getting the business of the military (and similarly dangerous professions) is the highest we've ever received, and shows just how much people have come to trust our products over the years.

Of course, every industry is a little bit different, and a tool that works for one may not be the best choice for you. Fortunately, our emphasis on working by hand means that we can create and shape products to your specifications in a variety of production styles, so you can wind up having the product that's truly the most suitable for your needs.

Lansing Forge is the top provider of many tools for a reason. Try our products today to see why so many people have made us their forge of choice.

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Buy your hammer keys, plumbers caulking irons, marline spikes, and other tools through the best smiths around, the team at Lansing Forge.

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