Purchase Order Software Online: What’s a Cloud?

By: Vikram Kuamr

Have you talked to a potential purchase order software online vendor today? If so, then there is a good chance that he or she has mentioned something about the “cloud.” If not, then all you need to do is to simply read tech magazines or listen large IT businesses like Google and Apple talking about it almost nonstop.

What is a cloud and how does it relate to cloud enterprise purchasing management?

The Cloud Is Now Everywhere

The word “cloud” is just a term used for the Internet. It may have come from a 2006 speech by Google’s Eric Schmidt referring to Google’s services being “in a cloud somewhere.” The idea is that software programs aren’t just stored in fixed, physical location on a PC, Mac, or server. They are “in a cloud somewhere” that can be accessed through any internet-enabled device. Today almost all nations have reliable, high-speed web connectivity. Moreover, you can access it across multiple platforms, from personal computers to mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Even wearable technology such as fitness bands, watches, and glasses have some capability to connect online.

Cloud computing, meanwhile, is the process of creating, storing, and managing files, whether they are documents or media, via the Internet. Simply put, if you are using purchase order software online, then it means you do not store your primary data in your hard drive but online.

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider using a cloud solution:

Scalability: Many developers now offer their cloud enterprise purchasing management as software as a service. This simply means that you buy not the software itself but only the use of that software. You are not tied to a contract, so you can cancel anytime. Most of all, you buy its usage according to the rate of your business growth, maximizing your investment.

Offshoring: Since the software is already in the cloud, your options for delegation are much broader. You can choose, for example, to outsource the job to reduce labor expense.

Productivity: The idea of being able to use the software even when you are away from your office is an attractive option for any businessperson since it gives them more control over their time.

Efficiency: Most of these programs are designed to be almost 100% automated. You just have to input certain fields or change settings, and every other step in the whole purchasing process is already taken care of by the software. For example, you can generate reports in a matter of seconds complete with charts and graphs. Pulled data are also updated in real time.

Affordability: With purchase order software online you can save money, people, and other valuable resources. There is no need to build an IT infrastructure since the developer handles that.

Take Note, However

Despite the many advantages of the cloud enterprise purchasing management, there are some precautions and situations that should be addressed by the developer and the vendor, the foremost being security. Because it is more accessible, cloud solutions have also become a favorite target among hackers.

Using only a legitimate cloud solution from a reputable seller is one of the best ways to reduce the risk.

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