Pu-Erh Tea – The Benefits

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In ancient China, Pu-erh tea was thought to have curative powers, and it was regarded as the most important tea. Indeed Pu-erh tea seems to have many curative and medical properties that even today it is held in high esteem in China and the rest of the world. Many health benefits are associated with this tea.
The Pu-erh tea is grown in China and fermented like the black tea. It is pressed into cakes and aged intentionally. There are two methods of fermentation and during this process; some of the most efficient substances are formed. Just like wine, this tea becomes richer as it ages. The tea has a musty or clayey taste and aroma, which makes it quite an unusual tea for some, but the health benefit is enormous. The huge beneficial effects that it has include losing weight, preventing arteriosclerosis, prevention of heart disease, anti-aging, anti-cancer, reducing high blood pressure, control diabetes, reduce various poisons, anti-bacteria, preventing constipation, reducing inflammation, anti-radiation, treating diuresis, improving eyesight, improve digestion and neutralize poison. The list could still go on.
As compared to the other types of tea, the Pu-erh has the most positive effect in reducing the cholesterol level. Regular consumption of Pu-erh tea is known to reduce the cholesterol level in our bloodstream. Especially after the age of 45, the cholesterol level in our bloodstream increases. The tea has polyphenol, chlorophyll and vitamin C in abundant. The polyphenol reduces the cholesterol level significantly. Chlorophyll averts the absorption of cholesterol and Vitamin C extract cholesterol from body. These three constituents interact together when drinking the tea and aids in controlling weight gain.
The Pu-erh tea also has phenol that controls the cholesterol serum concentration, reduce fat in the liver, prevent the cholesterol deposits in the artery and keep it smooth and clog-free. Thus, drinking this tea will decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.
This type of tea has been really admired by many tea lovers for its extraordinary curative quality and health benefit. You may brew it in boiling water to get the optimal flavor. You may not be quite accustomed to the earthy flavor of this tea but the flavor and the curative properties improve as it ages. Most people find Pu-erh tea as an excellent substitute for coffee as it has a robust taste and low caffeine level. You can relish the taste and flavor as well as control the cholesterol level in your bloodstream.

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