Protect Your House Pets from Fleas and Ticks with Tick Collars

By: Tony Green

A tick collar is a band pet owners use to put around their pet's neck to protect it from tick and flea infestation. Chemical insecticide is applied on it to make it work effectively.

If you want to use a tick collar for your pet, you should know first and foremost that not all tick collars are suitable for every pet or situation. You should not use them for young, sick or pregnant pets, and most of all, they're not fit for humans. You should never apply them even if you have a tick stuck on your belly. There are safer ways to remove them.

Here are common types of tick collars for you to consider:

Preventive Collar

Preventive tick collars are the ones you need even if your pets are not infested with parasites. You may put them on your pets to ensure that they are protected, especially when you take them out for walks, leisurely visits to lawns and other grassy areas. However, you must be sure to bathe your dogs or cats regularly to keep them free from infestation. Inspect their bodies especially the areas around the neck and inside their ears. You must remove the collar every time your pet gets a chance to get wet.

Homemade Tick Collar

If you are able to make a collar, you might not need to buy a commercial tick collar. Homemade tick collars are applied with essential oils to make them serve their purpose. You need to exercise caution when choosing essential oils. Different types of essential oils emit different odors and effects; not all of them are suitable for every pet. You must seek professional advice before using any type of oil to avoid accidents that can be fatal.

The Ideal Tick Collar

A good tick collar, regardless of brand, should fit the size of your pet's neck in a comfortable way. It should be capable of emitting a safe amount of odorless insecticide constantly. Most anti-tick chemicals emit odors which can be bothersome to you and your pet. Don't use them. An excellent tick collar is also safe on your furniture. Some pets love to rub their bodies or sit on sofas and corner seats. This is not good especially if the collar can cause stains and spots that can make furniture look messy.

If you see signs that your pet has ticks or fleas, you should temporarily prevent them from entering your living quarters, as they might spread their parasites on your furniture and on the walls. Do wash your pets at once with the use of anti-tick and flea shampoo and put the tick collar on them if necessary.

The Downsides of the Tick Collar

Like other things, the tick collar has its share of downsides. It is not always the correct method or solution to flea or tick infestation. Some of its undesirable effects include:

1. If you own more than one pet, they have a tendency to lick each other and get some of the chemicals from the collar. These chemicals are for external application. They may be harmful to your pet's health if ingested.

2. Pets play around with children and chances are high that they will come into contact with the chemicals. This is unhealthy, especially if they children cannot wash their hands at once.

Using tick collars is just one of the ways to protect your pets from infestation, but it may not be the perfect solution. Good grooming is always the best approach. It is the best method of prevention. It is also the best way to establish bonding with your pets.

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