Pros and Cons of Plastics and Polymers: PVC Molding Technology

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Plastics are very useful products, no doubt. They are essentially nothing but polymer. However, there is a difference between the two. Polymer is a pure form of plastic and it is not much of use in such a form. Plastic would be naturally more useful for the purpose of production. IML technology has been very useful in exploring the various facets of polymer and to reap all the benefits out of it.

There are different kinds of polymers and they all come with their own share of merits and demerits. One kind of polymer is a thermoplastic polymer. This one enjoys the additional benefit of being transformable. So, it can be changed into different forms. It additionally means that the product enjoys multiple lives. Once its initial use is exhausted, it can be reshaped and remolded into something else. The modern day firms use PVC molding technology which has been instrumental in taking care of this need. The technology allows flexibility to the manufacturer since he is free to give any desirable shape and form to the plastic.

The various pros and cons of plastics and polymers are summed up below:

i. Recyclable: Some PVC molding equipments are recyclable. This is a great advantage since plastic, in general, is biodegradable. So, having this recycling property in its kitty helps it to enjoy extra life. Manufacturers can always recycle the product and sell it again and again. This, to an extent, has cut down environmental degradation. But a lot of work still needs to be done as plastic-induced pollution is still one of the biggest threats to nature. However, you must take note of the fact that not all kinds of polymers can be recycled. It depends largely on the individual traits.

ii. Diverse uses: IML technology has helped producers to make different kinds of objects with plastics serving a multiple number of industries. Because of this versatile nature, the material has become indispensable in the modern times. For instance, some plastics can be used for medical industries while some for electronics. The choice of polymer usually depends on the type of use the product will be put to. So, some products which require greater flexibility or some sort of heat resistance may be made of different material.

iii. Cheap: PVC molding technology has also made sure that production can be very cheap. So, the cost of the products in the market has become very cheap thereby leading to the general welfare of the consumers.

Non-biodegradable: This is a con and a major demerit of plastics. Even though most of them can be recycled, it is not really possible to recycle all of them. There is not much awareness amongst the people and dumping is a common problem. Recycling is only possible if the public is conscious and makes effort to sell the used plastics to the manufacturer. However, when these products get washed off by water or get buried under the soil, recovery is not always possible. So, new PVC molding equipments cannot be made and a perpetual sense of environmental degradation prevails.

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