Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

By: Vikram Kuamr

Like any other thing, cork flooring has its good and bad things. This article will discuss both the pros and cons of this type of flooring for your understanding. You need to strike a balance between both the positives and negatives when making your decisions to avoid biasness. Objectivity is the best way of making informed choices and it will only be possible through considering both sides of the coin. Starting off with the positives, cork is a highly resilient material making it good to withstand all the damaging effects.

As people walk over it, they drop many things that are strong and sharp enough to damage the floor. You will find it difficult for even sharp objects to tear through a cork floor. It can be left with scratches which is a much lighter damage compared to what other materials experience. There are small insects like ants which invade floors but cork is resistant to that including mildew and molds. Ants have the ability to drill holes in concrete which many consider to be strong but not on cork floors. You will be more than advantaged to have cork flooring option at hand if your locality is infested with ants and such insects.

The fact that cork floors have a wide selection of colors makes them suitable for adding the aesthetic value to the house. It will be upon you to choose whether you want natural or man-made colors since they are all available. Cork is not too demanding when it comes to maintenance which is a reason enough for you to consider having it for your flooring purposes. You will just have to dust and clean using a damp mop regularly. Nothing more will be required of you unless there are some pressing maintenance demands.

On the flipside, cork flooring is a bit expensive which might discourage many people from using it. That will be compounded negatively if you will have to hire an expert to install the floor. That means having cork floor installed to your house will demand a huge budget and not many people can afford that. Owing to its light nature, you will find it difficult placing heavy furniture on cork floors. They are not designed to hold up heavy weights which can end up causing serious dents. It will be the wrong choice for you in case you have a lot of things in the house to place on the floor.

The other disadvantage of cork flooring you might want to know about is its light sensitivity. Cork is very sensitive that it will undergo discoloration once subjected to direct sunlight for a period of time. As a good homeowner, you should weigh both the pros and cons before deciding whether it is wise enough to have a cork floor for your house. It will help you come up with an informed decision that you will never live to regret.

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You have to consider both pros and cons of Cork flooring before making any related decision. Whether its kitchen or basement flooring - - that you are chasing, it is important to be fully informed on what you are going for.

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