Proper Maintenance to Ensure the Longevity of Your Tyres

By: Trevor Pacheco

Tyres are the single most important component of your car that eventually determines the functionality and efficiency of other vital parts. If you are a driver, you must be aware of the thumb rule that goes with owning a car tyre safety. Deadbeat or underinflated tyres can very well jeopardize the safety of yours and that of your loved ones. Generally, it is seen that most of us do not pay attention to tyres until it is time to replace them, then we are faced with whole sleuth of questions that is practicality impossible for a layman to understand. Moreover, replacing car tyres can very well put a dent in your pocket. Instead of spending exorbitant sums of money on tyre replacements, it is considered prudent to rather conduct periodic tune-ups for your tyres just as you do to your car. Proper maintenance will ensure your tyres work properly and last as long as they possibly can. Compiled in this article are simple tips for your car tyres maintenance.

Check the tyre pressure

The tyre pressure should top your priority list. Check whether your tyres are properly inflated. There are three primary reasons as to why your tyre pressure plays such an important role. The first reason is safety, secondly economy, and last reason is environment protection.

Did you know that underinflated tyres can overheat, direly endangering your life and that of other occupants in the car. Properly inflated tyres are essential for your safety.

Underinflated tires are susceptible to excessive tread wear, which needs to be replaced on a regular basis. In today's downward spiralling economic condition if you do not want to shoulder the extra expenses of buying new tyres, make sure your tyre is rightly inflated.

Very few people are aware of the fact that tyres filled up to the right pressure settings guarantee better fuel efficiency, which in turns reduces CO2 emission, ultimately protecting the environment.

Tread depth

Every country has tread depth limit that drivers need to adhere to. You need to replace the tyres before they reach the specified legal limits. More than the legal ramification, you should be concerned about the safety implication the low tread depth of your tyres signifies. You can check the tread depth of your car with a penny. Insert the penny in the tread groove of the tyres; if the penny is completely immersed in the groove then you should think about replacing the tyres soon.

Visual examination

It is highly advisable to inspect the tyres visually for any damage, punctures and embedded objects. Often damage and cuts are rendered to the tyres due to heavy impact between tyres and kerbs or potholes. If you see any noticeable damage, immediately seek assistance of tyre specialist who will evaluate the overall tyre condition and accordingly suggest a suitable course of action.

Tyre alignment

Tyre alignment is also very important to ensure longevity and performance of your car is well maintained. If you come across any problem in your vehicle's Menuverability or handling check for their alignment. Rotate your tyres every few thousand miles, as it will ensure your vehicles run smoothly without any glitches and prolong their life span. Like every other component of your car, tyres too have an expiration date. Never use a tyre for more than 6 years regardless of whether they have been used or not.

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