Proper Care Of Contact Lenses For Better Vision And Healthy Eyes

By: Lee Dobbins

Contact lenses can give you better vision than glasses but if you donít care for them properly you may not only impair the way you see through them but you could also harm the health of your eyes. Thatís why it is critical that you develop proper care habits when it comes to your contact lenses.

First and foremost, you should follow the guidelines for the type of contacts you wear. Different makes of contacts have different procedures for cleaning and storing and you need to care for them per the manufacturers instruction. Improper care can result in uncomfortable contacts and could also ruin your contact lenses or harm your eye.

When it comes to your eyesight you need to take every precaution to protect them but many contact lens wearers are lax in this area. Proper cleaning is important and you should use the solutions suggested by the manufacturer and not plain water. Water and homemade saline solutions can contain micro-organisms, chlorine and other minerals that can damage the lens and harm your eyes.

Your eyes are very sensitive and can easily become infected when you do not clean your lenses properly. The lens develops a build up of deposits that can irritate the eye. Lens cleaning solutions will break down the deposits and disinfect the lens.

Unless you are wearing disposable lenses you must clean your contacts after every wear. Use an appropriate lens case for storage and clean the case and allow to air dry between uses.

Do you try to extend the wearing of your contacts? You should refrain from doing this as it can cause discomfort. Some contacts are meant to be thrown out after one day of wear. Others can be worn for a week or a month without removing them in between. Most require removal and cleaning every day. It is important to know the schedule your contacts are intended for to prevent problems with your eyes.

Removing your contacts can be a chore at the end of the day but it is important to remove them properly. When you remove or insert your contacts be sure to handle them with clean, dry hands. Avoid washing your hands with soaps containing perfumes or oils and don't allow sunscreen, hand cream or nail polish remover to come in contact with them.

If your eyes are dry and irritated you can also use eye drops to remoisten your contacts while wearing them rather than trying to take them out. In fact, if your eyes do feel dry and the contact is sticking try to remoisten your contacts before attempting to remove them.

If you wear makeup you should insert the contacts before applying cosmetics and remove them before washing cosmetics off. Powders and sprays can irritate contact lens wearers so be careful when applying powdery shadows or hair spray when wearing contact lens.

If your eyes do become irritated when wearing your contacts do not rub them! This can be very harmful to the lens or your eye. If it is not comfortable to wear them, simply remove them and clean them in cleaning solution before putting them in again. Sometimes it is best to wait a day or two before trying to put them back in. Make sure you store them properly during this time.

Your vision is pretty important so you want to take care to protect it from harm. This means seeing your eye doctor regularly and following his directions for care. If you do think you've injured or infected your eye do not wear your contacts until you have been seen by an eye care specialist.

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