Progressive Overload Technique to Accelerate Muscle Growth

By: Sean Nalewanyj

Have you been working out in the gym for months, but haven't seen any growth in your muscles? The following technique will probably help you change the pattern. Progressive overload is a technique which is essential to accelerate muscle growth.

For accelerating muscle growth, the one most important factor is progressively increasing the load on your muscles or the repetitions you do every week. Let me repeat, the only way you can accelerate muscle growth is by systematically and continuously increase the intensity of your bodybuilding routine.

This is because muscle growth occurs when your body adapts in response to stress and changes in its environment. In a stable environment, you body doesn't need to change and adapt; it's simple. For instance, if you now squat 200 pounds for seven repetitions, and do the same thing for three months, your muscles won't grow significantly.

If you want to accelerate muscle growth, you have to build strength. You will only make noticeable gains in muscle size when you focus on strength gain during every exercise you do. This is acknowledged to be a universal law when you're trying to increase muscle size, and it applies to any approach that one takes.

Many weight lifters who do not understand this law continue to lift the same amount of weight, resulting in frustration and discouragement when desired results are not achieved. All they're doing is wasting time, and not seeing results.

Since they don't work on strength building, all their efforts to accelerate muscle growth are in vain. Conversely, those who progressively increase the weight that they lift and/or repetitions are able to accelerate muscle growth quite successfully.

In your bodybuilding workout routine, you should focus on regular, small increases, both in weight and repetitions. As a result, your muscles will grow and get stronger. Unless you challenge your body, it won't have any reason to grow bigger muscles. As you can see, without progression, you won't achieve growth. To accelerate muscle growth, the only approach to adopt is to progressively overload your body.

Keeping a training diary is the best way to implement a progressive strategy into your workout. Use the diary to keep track of all exercises, weights, and reps per set. Knowing how you performed during your last workout will help you knuckle down, and make improvements during the current workout.

It's also wise to use your diary to keep track of your goals. When you write down your goals, you charge yourself with achieving them. These records can also be a great source of motivation, as they help you track your progress. Just a few pounds more this week may not seem like much, but when you put together months of progress, you'll be amazed with the increase in weight and repetitions; what's more, you will see how these small increases have helped you to accelerate muscle growth.

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