Programs for Weight Loss in Washington DC

By: Mel Joelle

America is currently on a wave of obesity-induced self-destruction. The capitol area is no exception to that trend. Because of the rise in obesity, doctors and other health professionals are gaining more perspective on how the overall life-expectancy of Americans is dropping. As a result, the American government, for the first time in history, is in the beginning stages of treating obesity like an epidemic. But what’s America doing about it? There are a number of weight-loss strategies ranging from juices and juicers to expensive and dangerous intestinal by-pass surgeries. But are these elixirs and one-shot wonders building a healthy America? The goal of weight loss should be to acquire a better standard of living. That is precisely the aim of the Achieve Fitness team.

We help you take your standard of living in regard to health and fitness into your own hands. Why live on medications that you could dump if you just got down to normal weight? As long as you are willing to take the steps toward a more fit future then we are there to coach you through the tough parts of the process. We provide a localized team of professional and experienced trainers to surround you with advice, support and encouragement. We offer customized home workouts, 24 hour 7 day support from your personal trainer, your own personalized nutrition and workout log (some say this was the make-and-break of their entire experience), and more.

Our certified and experienced personal trainers will help you to build muscle, get back pain relief, help you lose weight in a healthy way, and lose weight after a pregnancy. We run three fitness programs at different levels of fitness. Currently, we have several boot-camp styled programs running for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Our feature special is a women’s only boot camp. It’s uniquely designed to accommodate the specific workout needs of busy women. And yes, we have a real money-back guarantee.

We also offer individual-specific plans for looking for a more complete overhaul of health and lifestyle. Personal trainers will assess your level fitness and ascertain your goals. This will help him or her build the workout plan and the nutritional plan for you. We don’t do fluff. We set realistic goals and realistic means to getting to those goals. We currently serve Washington, D.C, all of Maryland and Northern Virginia. Get more information at Get your personalized work out started today.

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