Profit from the reliability of rigidly-made metal coat hangers

By: Julia Bennet

A successfully organization of your closets should have in the background the perfect solution for stocking clothing items, in order to keep them visible and neat. Metal coat hangers can meet your requirements in this sense, but its materiality isn’t the only one available. From their innovation to modern times, hangers have suffered a multitude of variations in material and shape, in order to satisfy the necessities of as many users as possible. As a matter of fact, nowadays we can also talk about children coat hangers, as even kids have borrowed the idea from their parents of placing their cloths on hangers.

Even though etymologically speaking, the word "hanger" doesn’t seem as referring to something pleasant, it actually very well describes its primary utility: to “hang” clothes from it. Metal coat hangers were the first type of hangers ever to be used and were firstly employed in the England of the 1850s. It was not a surprise in that time that coat hangers appeared as a response to Victorian women’s obsession to keep their skirts and bustles as neat as possible. The first hanger prototype was an imitation of the human shoulders, that should have allowed the hanging of jackets, coats, blouses etc. but it later intervened a changing process that reinvented its design. Thus, trousers hangers were introduces in the composition of a hanger, increasing the potential a cloth hanger could actually have. Children coat hangers were also a result of the cloth hanging evolution.

Utility aspects left aside, people may also look for the bigger perspective when buying cloth hangers, such as its adaptability to the existent context. For instance, those who live in rather contemporary decorated houses might want to choose metal coat hangers for their modern look. Apart from this, other advantages comprised by metal coat hangers are also highly appreciated, like the clearly estimated strength and durability. Moreover, this type of hangers have the benefit of never breaking so easily, therefore it would be a wonderful choice when looking for children coat hangers. However, there is a difference between the first prototypes of metal hangers that were actually wire hangers and the metal hangers produced today. The wire type is frequently used at dry cleaners, but little else.

While some types of clothing items, such as jeans, pants or knitwear can easily be folded and stacked in the closet, there are other types that should be placed on a hanger. However, different clothing fabrics require different hanger materiality. For instance, clothing items with garments that have a thin or wide-set strap, tubular plastic hangers could be a good solution while lightweight molded plastic hangers are appropriate for suits and coats. Metal coat hangers have the advantage of being slim, therefore saving space in your wardrobe for some extra clothes. Moreover, the sturdiness of wooden hangers makes this type preferable by most users as it can also offer better protection for clothing on the account of their design. Nonetheless, children coat hangers have recently been issued all wrapped in fabric, of different smoothness and colors.

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