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Boilers consist of many parts that need regular maintenance to provide a safe functioning. Almost all components of a boiler can be replaced by new ones, in case they break down. In fact, all of them can be replaced at a certain point, but their replacement would cost more than buying a new boiler, so it would be ineffective, that is why just some replacements are taken into account when it comes to boilers.

If you look for professional boiler replacements Exeter or boiler repairs Exeter, you need to contact a reliable team of plumbers specialised in dealing with this kind of heating or washing devices. Old boilers can be 100% replaced by new ones, or just some of their components can be replaced. It is recommended that boiler owners replace only broken components, to keep their expenses low.

A boiler consists mainly of a combustion chamber, heat exchanger, piping system, some faucets and safety valves. The combustion chamber is, as its name implies, a space where fuel meets air and burn together with the purpose of generating heat. The fuel that is mostly encountered in a boiler used for heating, washing for cooking is oil or natural gas.

Some boilers do not present a combustion chamber where gases combine together to generate heat, but just an electrical system that makes the water present inside of the boiler heat up. These boilers are preferred by homeowners, while boilers running on oil or natural gas are generally purchased by companies.

The heat exchanger is that part of a boiler that actually transfers the heat or hot water that gets formed inside the boiler to the exterior, through a system of tubes. It is difficult to perform boiler replacements Exeter that refer to the entire change of a combustion chamber, electrical system or heat exchanger, but boiler repairs Exeter can happen even when you do not have to replace 100% the heat exchanger, for example, of a boiler.

If one of these aforementioned components have to be entirely replaced, it would be better to buy a new boiler, since all these components are not only expensive, but they need to be perfectly compatible with the existing boiler, and it is increasingly more difficult to find compatible parts like this for old boilers.

When you suspect you have a problem with a very important component of a boiler, call a specialist, and wait for the verdict, because, in most cases, you only need to replace just one or two small parts included in such a component, not the entire component. For instance, you can replace a broken electrical wire, or solve a leakage that affects the heat exchanger.

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