Professional Vastu Home Plans: Key For Students To Excel

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Since past few years, there has been a lot of buzz about the positive and negative effects of Vastu on an individual’s life and surroundings. Accurately and appropriately applied Vastu brings happiness and prosperity in life. If you are seeking some Vastu guidance, it is important trust only reliable and trustworthy Vastu consultant who can make proper and crisp Vastu home plans. The consultant certainly helps creating a serene ambiance with a good design. Few Indian Vastu for house experts provide remedies that can help you improve your life in a holistic way.

Consultants provide relevant tips and remedies not only for your bedrooms, kitchen and drawing room, also for study room. This is one place where students need to sit comfortably and peacefully to concentrate. Proper Vastu helps a child to grow in right direction in life. It can even transform an average student into high achiever. Incorrect tips, on the other hand, can adversely affect a child’s education.

While constructing a study room, proper Vastu plans should be executed. Study room should be essentially, correctly positioned to bring encourage peace and knowledge. Also, it is very important that the position of books and table is correct. Further, with the help of beautiful relics, idols and paintings can enhance the learning power of a child. Below are few Vastu tips for designing your child’s study room:

1. Experts say that colour plays an essential role. As per Vastu for room used for kids to study should be painted in light colour. Lighter shades encourage intelligent thinking.
2. While planning a study room, make sure that study table is either square or rectangle and the accurate size according to Vastu guidelines.
3. The table in the room should face towards East or North. It helps students in improving concentration.
4.Bookshelves should be placed in East, North or North-East of the room.
5. Experts also advise keeping a well-lit lamp in the South-east corner of the table.
6. Hanging a few framed certificates or displaying trophies on the South wall boosts the overall academic performance.
7. Take special take care to not let child’s shadow fall on the book. There should be enough sunlight entering the room.
8. While studying, students must face towards east or north side.
9. It is very important that beam should not be above the head of a child while studying.
10. The most important tip, according to experts, is that there should not be any toilet in the study room.

Vastu is a science that can really work wonders in improving a child’s performance in school and college. With the aid of Vastu, a person can bring positive energies in the home as well as in the life. Use the above mentioned tips for peace, happiness and success and to see positive results in academics and other educational endeavours.

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Good Vastu home plans are extremely beneficial in improving a child’s academic performance. Indian Vastu for house professionals can really help you make the right changes to your study room. To know more, visit

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