Pro-Gambler - So You Want To Be A Pro-Gambler?

By: Kevin Phillips

So you are thinking about becoming a professional gambler. Do you solely wish additional beer money for the weekend; a holiday paid for, a little extra cash in the bank, or go the full monty and turn into a full-time professional gambler, or simply a semi-pro, that is make money from gambling, but still maintain a job?

Whichever it is, there are a number of things you need to understand first.

The vast majority of punters gamble in the hope they win a huge wad of money, and although this occasionally happens, I can wage that you don�t really know that many folk who have won sufficient to retire on (excluding the lottery). In fact you probably know very few, if any, who in reality break even, fewer still of those that profit. According to Betfair facts, only 0.7% make more than �15,000 a year.

The fantasy of winning big from gambling clouds the reality, and it is the reality I should initially make apparent, and get you to understand before you can even consider making money from having a bet.

In order to do this you should be prepared to put out of your mind most of what you know concerning betting, and begin the learning process all over again. If you are one of those gamblers that kids yourself that you are winning, or at least breaking even, you certainly need to disregard everything.

Professional gambling is a full-time profession. For some reason punters have the impression we sit on a tropical beach, with champagne, and phone in the odd bet to the UK. This wins, and pays for a further year of luxury. In the words of Derek Thompson � Ho Ho Ho!!

Let me tell, I am aware of a lot of professional gamblers and not any of them get near to such a fantasy, in reality we are fortunate to manage a holiday at all as UK horse racing happens over 360 days a year, with much more night racing to come, including new floodlit racetracks, that means additional hours work. Of course we do not have to do it, but it is a passion you rarely get with any other job. How many times do you hop out of bed dying to begin work? I do that each day.

I personally put in about 10-14 hours a day, studying form, the markets, working out systems, doing research, placing bets, watching the racing itself, updating my web sites, etc. I rarely get any time to have a night out. This is the realism of professional gambling.

Take a peak at the professional poker players, yes they earn a lot of cash, have a nice house, but they have to spend the largest part of their lives travelling to tournaments around the planet, make appearances, and subsequently your 50th 5,000 mile flight of the year is no longer fun. On top of that, tournaments can last 3-5 days, so you can be sitting at the table, playing only the odd hand, for 12+ hours a day, in a room full of smoking perspiring people, Annie Duke apart!

However, we do not do it because we have to; we do it as we love it. If the time arrives when I wake up in the morning and say, I cannot be bothered with it today, I would pack it in, but I do not see that day any time soon.

So if your prepared to put in the hours, you possibly will make gambling pay, but it is a long road, and you will make plenty of errors, and in this business, errors can prove extremely costly.

Notice I said the word �business� there? This is very important, as professional gambling must be run like a business or you will likely fail. You need betting banks, logs of every bet and stake, betting exchange accounts, bookies, etc. You need to be able to track every penny/cent that passes through a bookie or an exchange, and be kept in such away an accountant would thank you for it.

If you are just looking to develop into semi-pro, to add a bit of cash to your take-home pay, or just make beer money, you still have to handle it as though it is a business. That way you can then see at a glance what you are good at, what is letting you down, and take steps to improve. If you just want fun bets, then you do not need bother with records, but it is a useful habit to have, but certainly use a seperate betting bank for fun bets.

So there you have it, you have an idea of what life is really like if you want to profit from betting.

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