Private School Uniforms

By: Sarah Carlye

Private school uniforms often identify a student with a specific school. With the growing selection available for school uniforms, a school uniform doesn’t always identify a student with a specific private school any longer. Private school uniforms often have the school emblem or name embroidered on them to identify that the student attends a particular private school.

A private school uniform provides additional safety for the students because it is easy to see who does and does not belong on campus. When walking down the halls of a private school a visitor not wearing a private school uniform will stand out in the crowd. This will help a student be more aware of a stranger on campus.

Some private schools feel that having the private school name embroidered on the uniform promotes the following:

• School pride
• Sense of belonging
• Appropriate behavior
• Positive first impression

Other private schools feel that it puts students at risk if they have the school name embroidered on it. Having the school name on the private school uniform will make it easier for a predator to find out where the student will be. The risk is increased when the student posts a photo of him or herself on the Internet with the private school name embroidered uniform on. The risk can be managed in the following ways:

• Educate students on safety
• Security on campus
• Parents reinforce safety
• Online safety guideline instruction

Many private schools choose to have their name on school uniforms because they feel the benefits outweigh the risks and the risks can be minimized with personal safety instruction.

A well-known private school is often a privilege to attend. Students and parents both want to show that they are proud of the school that they attend. Private schools often have a reputation of providing high quality education and opportunities. Embroidered private school uniforms are a way of letting others know that the student is part of an elite group of students, so many students, parents, and schools prefer a private school uniform that identifies them with a specific private school.

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