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Protein levels are a key factor in the quality of diet anyone follows. Proteins are organic compounds composed of amino acids. Proteins come in many forms, and different kinds of proteins perform different functions, such as healing muscle and bone tissues, producing enzymes, supporting your immune system and producing energy when glucose is low. The problem with getting enough protein is that cooking meet to eat 4-6 times a day and for some guys more is hard. Then you have to worry about the portions. Large portions of meat can be almost over filling for a lot of people. So in replace of that most health oriented people will drink protein shakes. They are light on your stomach and yet carry a very high portion of quality protein in it.

This is why having a protein powder in your nutritional line is so important. It commonly draws people in and if you have a good quality, good tasting protein it will help you retain customers. Here at Vox Nutrition we specialize in proficient private labeling of high quality Protein Powders. We believe in building your company and not ours. We understand that in a market like supplements customer loyalty is a key factor and we want our customers to be loyal to us because theirs can be loyal to them. We help the startup company, the nutrition box stores and even the top sellers on Amazon keep their business going.

Our turnaround times for private label protein powders is one of the fastest on the market. We can do this because of our in house printers, web designers and formulators to make ensure you get the highest quality service. Call today to speak to an account representative 800-795-7161.

Private Label Products:

Private labeling is something that is quite common in every industry. It is rare for a retail company to be so large that they can manufacture their own goods in their own facilities. What is more commonly done is a company will work directly with a manufacturing facility and have the product private labeled. There are a great many benefits to this.

1) Small Companies: small companies rarely have the input to support in-house manufacturing. The reason for small companies looking at branding products with their name is for advertising benefits.

2) Control over pricing of the product: In a lot of cases if you use someone else’s label to resell you are dealing with floor pricing and price ceilings. Also you end up competing directly with the company on pricing. By having private label you can control what you want to sell it for and compete with the direct market.

3) Personalized logo: Private label means having a personalized logo which people will learn to recognize. This in turn naturally creates customer loyalty.

4) Customers changing preference: Customers change preference all the time. When you have your own unique label people will turn to you when they do not want to use another company rather than against you.

It has only been in more recent years that people have moved passed online private labeling and private labeling then selling in big box stores. Now box stores are selling their own labels and building their own brands. The great part about this advancement in market is that this same concept now applies to small box businesses. Companies such as smaller box nutrition stores can now sell their own brand along with others to help build brand and customer loyalty. For private labeling information for your company please call 800-795-7161 and talk to an account manager.

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