Printing Quality Security Photo ID Cards In-House

By: Sher Matsen

In recent years, security has become a big concern for many businesses. This has led to more and more companies choosing to use security photo ID cards. Today, thanks to technology advancements, printing quality security photo ID cards in-house, has never been easier.

Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be some type of photo ID system in place, designed to deal with security. The explosion in the number of businesses that are using photo ID cards has grown exponentially. Perhaps partly because of the changing world we live in. But also because it has become so easy to print photo ID cards in-house. This method is significantly cheaper and a lot more convenient.

Hospitals, schools, municipalities, sporting venues, teams, bars, retail outlets and even homeowners are turning to the security of a photo ID card system. Today, there is virtually no walk of life that has not been touched by photo ID cards.

Not everyone's needs are the same. Many companies will require bar code cards or magnetic strip cards. Some companies will require even more capabilities, which can be found in the contactless radio ID cards. The type of card that's right for your business is a very individual decision.

There's the old saying "We've come a long way babe" and nothing could be more true than with photo ID. Not that many years ago staff would be given a card with a very poor photo of themselves, and underneath their name and position might appear. They'd also be given a key to the door(s). Today there are far fewer keys around, and a lot more secure photo ID cards, which have some distinct advantages over keys.

Excluding the importance of proper photo ID by itself, by encoding door security into the ID, not only do you eliminate keys, but you also have a lot more flexibility. You can assign access to certain doors, certain areas, or even access during certain times. Photo ID card codes can be quickly and easily changed, and if cards become damaged they are easy to replace.

Keys can easily be copied. Yes, even those ones that say they can't. And if a master key becomes lost or stolen, all locks must be re-keyed and new keys issued. This can become very expensive. Sometimes when a staff member is terminated it is also necessary to re-key, another added expense. By tying your locks and other security to an individual photo ID card, you maintain better control, and it is far more cost effective.

Your security photo ID cards can also be tied to an access key pad. Staff would swipe their card and then enter their PIN. It's one of the most secure systems available today. Authorized personnel just need to memorize their PIN. No more worries about forgetting or misplacing keys. Upgrading to a keypad system is very cost effective.

All the information you will need for a security photo ID system can be programmed into either the barcode cards, or the magnetic code cards. You can print these just as easily in-house, with the one exception that you must choose a photo ID printer that is capable of this type of printing.

Fargo, Datacard and Zebra are just three manufacturers that make a high quality printer capable of printing either barcodes or magnetic codes. They can provide you with top quality security photo ID cards. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable they are.

Security is important and one of the most cost effective methods of ensuring your workplace is secure and your employees are safe is by using photo ID cards. Print them in-house and bring your costs down significantly, and give control back to you. Printing quality security photo ID cards has never been easier.

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